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Snap Fashion Lets Users Snap an Outfit to Find Out Where to Buy It


snapfashion application 1-1

Combining the impressive technological improvements humanity has made with regard to cameras and cleverly-written software has yielded some interesting products for consumers. Case in point: UK’s Snap Fashion, an application made for iPhone that lets users snap a photo of an outfit they see and get information on where to buy it.

snapfashion app 2

The way it works is simple. The user simply snaps a photo of garment they’re interested in getting. They then choose what type of item it is, such as shoes, pants, dress, skirt, or shirt. The rest is magic.

Well, maybe not magic, but the app will then match features of the item using image detection technology and try to find a match, effectively letting the user know where they can get their paws on it, and for how much. Snap Fashion shows links to partner sites that have the item in stock, like French Connection, GAP, and UK’s Topshop.

snapfashion app 3

For those items the app can’t figure out, it’s not a dead end road. Snap Fashion apparently will suggest similar items that match in color or style.

It’s an interesting use of the iPhone camera, and one that will surely benefit the fashionistas of today. The application can be had from the UK App Store at no charge.

(via Springwise)