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Showing the Reflected Light a Polarizing Filter Eliminates from a Scene


reflection_map copy

Want to see how much reflected light your polarizing filter eliminates from any scene? You can easily visualize this light using an image editing program like Photoshop.

Photography enthusiast Michal Zalewski captured the “reflected light” photograph above showing a room in his house. He started by shooting two photographs of the scene. The first was shot with a polarizing filter killing the reflections on the lower surfaces:

original_scene copy

Keeping the camera stationary, he also captured a frame showing the scene with that same filter rotated 90 degrees. This shows the scene with those reflections still present:

original_scene2 copy

He then subtracted the RAW 16-bit photographs “from each other” in order to capture “just the information about the reflections in the scene”:

reflection_map copy

At this point, you can do various things with the information you have, including selective colorization, dodging, burning, etc. Here’s the photograph with the reflected light turned into monochrome:

reflections_bw copy

…and the same photograph with the scene in monochrome and the reflected light in color:

reflections_color copy

reflections_color2 copy

reflections_high copy

Zalewski says it wouldn’t be difficult to build some kind of rig that could automatically gather information about reflected light for you, but he has yet to find a useful photographic application for the technique.

(via Michal Zalewski via Reddit)

Image credits: Photographs by Michal Zalewski and used with permission