What Photographers Would Look Like if Google Glass Took Over the World

Google Glass is set to arrive in the hands of the general public later this year. There are already apps that can trigger the shutter by detecting winks, and some people are already thinking of how the wearable camera can be useful for various photographic applications.

Having always-ready glasses strapped to your face may be convenient, but how will photography look? The video above by Grovo offers a humorous look at what photographers would look like if Google Glass becomes widely used as a camera and camcorder.

In the video’s description, Grovo writes:

Here’s someone you’ll be seeing in a few months: the Google Glass photographer. Nature shots, concerts, time-lapse videos, weddings… the Google Glass photographer does it all.


Here’s what shooting a macro photograph of a flower would look like:


Want to capture some footage of the front of a car?


How about a closeup view of your friend’s hands as he plays the piano?


Engagement photographs could quickly become awkward:


Google Glass cameras don’t have any kind of zoom (no digital and no optical). If you want to follow Capa’s words of wisdom — “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough” — you might need to look a bit silly in the process.

(via GoGrovo via SLR Lounge)