A Cheap Studio Backdrop and Reflector You Can Make at Home

Here’s a cheap, long-lasting DIY option for those of you in need of another backdrop and/or reflector for your studio shoots. Put together by photographer Tiffany Angeles, this short video shows you all of the materials you’ll need to create your own sturdy backdrop/reflector combo in the comfort of your own home.

Materials wise, all you’ll need is a 4×8 foot 1.5-inch sheet of polystyrene insulation, paint in the backdrop color of your choice, four 8×10 inch shelving brackets, and two two-by-fours. The paint is used to cover over the labeled plastic on the insulation, while the brackets and two-by-fours will make up the feet that keep the whole thing standing up on its own.

And that’s it. The side you paint will be your backdrop, while the other side can act as a reflector once you’ve removed the sheet of plastic that comes on it. Here’s what the final product will look like:


If you’re interested in making your own, hit up the video at the top to get a visual of all the materials you’ll need.

(via SLR Lounge)