Photos Imagining How Photoshop Tools Would Be Used as Beauty Products

If Adobe Photoshop tools could work their magic in the real world, what would people use them for? One obvious application would be as a beauty product, which would allow people to ‘shop actual faces instead of photos of faces. Budapest, Hungary-based photographer and graphic designer Flora Borsi recently shot a series of photos that humorously depict how it might work. The project is titled, “Photoshop in Real Life.”

As the photo above shows, anti-acne face soap makers would suddenly find themselves out of customers.

An example of how not to use the Smudge Tool:

The plastic surgery industry would completely vanish as people begin using Photoshop on noses and other features they don’t like:

Feeling blue? Just change your hue!

The Smart Object feature alone would make this product a must have:

You can find more of Borsi’s work over on her Facebook page.

(via Beautiful/Decay)