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1000 Questions Answered by Professional Photographer Zack Arias


Zack Arias is a professional photographer based in Atlanta who runs a popular personal blog with a sizable following. He’s also runs the photography equivalent of Dear Abby.

For the past four months, Arias has been answering photography-related questions sent in by readers and publishing them to a dedicated Q&A site on Tumblr. He pounds out responses at a feverish pace, and has answered a whopping 1,000 questions so far. That’s an average of about 8-10 questions per day.

Questions range from being gear-related (e.g. “What lens should I get?”, “What softbox to buy?”) to topics that are more personal or theoretical (e.g. growing as a photographer, dealing with a lack of confidence, how to “work on your eye”) to advice on running a photo business (e.g. marketing, networking, advertising, pricing).

The site is purely signal and no noise — it doesn’t have a single banner ad, sponsored link, or product endorsement. It’s simply a barebones site that’s chock full of detailed answers to all kinds of photo questions. For a listing of all the posts so far, check out the calendar-based archive:

Arias says he’s taking a break on the site until next year, but when he decides to start up again there should be plenty of queries to answer. He says his mailbox is already loaded with 1,600 unanswered questions. If you’re hungry for online resources that can help fill your brain with knowledge, this is one site that you should definitely bookmark.

Photography Q&A – Ask Me Anything About Photography [Zack Arias]