Woodsnap Turns Your Photographs Into Gorgeous Wooden Canvases

While we’re on the subject of interesting photography-related wood products, take a look at Woodsnap. It’s a company that prints photographs on sheets of high-grade wood, a canvas material that’s sure to attract a lot of attention.

The SoCal-based company uses a patented process for printing images directly onto wood, which mixes the grain and patterns of the wood with the details of your photograph. Since no two pieces of wood are ever the same — the patterns are like human fingerprints — each canvas comes out with a unique look.

The process is environmentally friendly, and apparently the company plants a tree every time someone places an order.

On the back of each borderless canvases are horizontal and vertical slots to make hanging it on a wall a snap.

As with many printing services that take orders online nowadays, the creation process is quite simple: you just upload your photo to the website and choose the product that you’d like. Sizes and prices range from a 8×8-inch canvas for $40 to a 2.5×3.3-foot canvas for $330. They also offer wholesale pricing for photographers who would like to regularly provide their clients with wooden prints.