Topographical Light Paintings Created by Tracing Entire Rooms with One LED

Helsinki, Finland-based photographer Janne Parviainen has been light painting since 2008, and recently created series of experimental photos showing a technique he calls Light Topography. Using a single LED light for each image, he carefully traces over every surface in the scene while the camera’s shutter is open. Fully tracing a room can take as long as half an hour. The resulting light outlines provide a trippy look at what each space contains.

Some of the photographs remind us of the movie The Matrix:

All the photographs in this series were done entirely in-camera, with no special CGI or trickery applied afterward. You can check out the rest of the images in this series in this Flickr set.

Light Topography by Janne Parviainen (via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by Janne Parviainen and used with permission