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Facebook Focusing on Improved Facial Tagging, Acquires Face.com For $50M+


It seems like every month another company is acquired by Facebook; be it Instagram, Lightbox or now Face.com, it’s clear that Facebook is looking to make some serious improvements on the photo side of things, and we certainly won’t complain about that. Face.com’s facial recognition IP has been very well-received so it’s no surprise the people over at Zuckerberg Corp Facebook have decided to snatch up the Israeli-based startup before anybody else does.

No specifics have come down the wire as of yet — even the unconfirmed sale-price has ranged from $50M to $100M and back — but the blog post announcing the deal over on Face.com seems to hint at, or at least hope for, an exciting future for both their talent and technology at FacebookHQ. And everybody familiar with the self-proclaimed “largest and most accurate face recognition platform” is probably excited as well.

(via Engadget via Face)