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A FujiFilm Real 3D W3 Finds Its Way Onto The International Space Station


A couple of years ago, FujiFilm sent a Real 3D W1 up to the International Space Station for the astronauts to play with in what we can only assume is their abundant free time. That camera yielded the pictures you see above and below — which you can experience in their full glory with a pair of 3D glasses — and now FujiFilm has sent up the updated W3 to hopefully continue this tradition of documenting life on the ISS in 3D.

If you want to see more pictures taken with the W1, head over to Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli’s flickr for the full 3D album. And keep an eye on the ISS over the coming months to see what the newer, better W3 cranks out.

(via Popular Photography)

Image credits: Photographs by ESA/NASA