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The Impossible Project’s COOL Instant Film Takes a Cue from Coors Beer


You wouldn’t think the world of instant film could learn much from the world of beer — and on most counts you’d be right — but in this particular case, a little bit of Coors inspiration may have played a role in The Impossible Projects new line of COOL Polaroid films. The specialty instant film, part of The Impossible Project’s Spring 2012 line, are kept in a temperature-sensitive package. In order to maintain its shelf life, the packaging will warn you when you’re storing it in too warm an environment by displaying the message “Keep Me Cool.”

Perhaps a teensy bit more important than the cool packaging, however, are the features of the film itself. The COOL line of instant film comes in Color Shade and Silver Shade varieties. Each type of film offers its own vintage look (the kind Instagram filters are supposed to mimic) ranging from black and white/sepia tones (Silver Shade line) to a warm, dreamy effect (Color Shade). The effects and cool temperature sensitive packaging don’t come cheap though, at $24 per box or $67 for a tripple pack, you’re looking at paying between $2.75 and $3 per photo — and, of course, you have to have a PX100 of PX70 style Polaroid camera at your disposal to make it work at all.

But if vintage is what you’re looking for, it’s hard to beat good ol’ Polaroid pictures.

PX 100 Silver Shade Cool (via Digital Trends)