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Flickr Stats Confirm It: No One Uses the iPad 2 as a Camera


When the iPad 2 was announced a couple months ago, it was called “the first ‘camera’ to have a sensor resolution lower than the display resolution.” Commenters were quick to point out that Apple never intended for the device to be used as a camera like the iPhone is, and therefore was probably able to keep costs down by limiting it to a 0.7 megapixel sensor. Now, with millions of the devices in consumers’ hands, Flickr’s camera statistics confirm what we suspected all along: no one uses the iPad 2 as a camera.

Here’s an interesting breakdown of how popular Apple devices are in the Flickr community:

As you can see, out of the millions of proud iPad 2 owners, a whopping 23 of them upload photos to Flickr per day. They should get together and start a club or something…

If you want to see photographs taken by Flickr users with the iPad 2, check out this page.

At the same time, the iPhone 4 is on track to overtake the Nikon D90 as the most popular camera on Flickr.

(via CrunchGear)