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Happy Turkey Day! 5 Portraits of our Feathered Friends


We wanted to take a photo family moment to honor our favorite (though not prettiest) feathered friends this Thanksgiving. Turkey Day wouldn’t be the same without them, after all!

4101184201_0f2ff96480Galewood Farms Thanksgiving Turkey by carl.lacey2

This fine fellow is all classed up with soft directional light and a clean black background. How regal!

2436576444_9cb6e93700Woodstock Animal Sanctuary 6a by twinxamot

Wow, this is a unique shot. It’s up close and personal.

2436577490_0e5f7dd0b2Woodstock Animal Sanctuary 43 by twinxamot

Another great shot by twinxamot, a macro shot of the bird’s feathers.

3618930897_c33dfe4ff8Close encounters by ibm4381

Here’s a fantastic profile portrait of a wild turkey, with a great background contrast.

2449425839_ffbede4515Turkey struts away by tibchris

And that’s all for now! Have a good holiday for those of you in the States.

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