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xkcd Comic Pokes Fun at Seeing the Golden Ratio in Random Photographs


xkcd‘s latest comic, titled “Flowcharts,” is a tongue-in-cheek take on the concept of the golden ratio (or golden spiral) in photography. It’s a flow chart in which one of the steps reads: “Do you like when people find the golden spiral in random images?” If you choose “yes” from there, you’re taken on a golden ratio journey that magically fits the design of the chart.
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Flickr Responds to XKCD Challenge with Site that Tells You if Your Picture Has a Park or Bird in It


It might not be the most useful website ever designed, but Flickr’s new Park or Bird microsite serves a purpose: namely, it’s the Flickr Vision team’s response to a challenge by the popular webcomic XKCD. Read more…

Funny Video Puts a Slightly Creepy Spin on Asking Someone to ‘Take’ Your Picture

Dominic, the guy behind the popular web comic Domics, put together this humorous animation about asking a stranger to take your picture. We’re not sure why, but this really cracked us up, even as it sort of creeped us out at the same time.

Given the massive amount of gear news and other more serious posts that have made their way onto the site over the last couple of days, we thought this would provide some much-needed comic relief. So check out the video at the top and if you want to see more Domics comics and animations, head over to the comic’s website and/or Facebook page.

That Explains It: The Difference Between Instagram and Vine


The tech world has been buzzing over the past couple of days about Vine, Twitter’s new app that lets you share 6-second video loops through an Instagram-style service. If you’ve been out of the loop and need a primer on what the difference between Facebook’s Instagram and Twitter’s Vine is, the above web comic by Willa‚Äôs World will bring you up to speed.

Instagram Vs. Vine [Willa’s World via Laughing Squid]

P.S. Another big story surrounding Vine today is that the service is dealing with the problem of being flooded with inappropriate content. This comes less than one week after 500px’s mobile app was yanked from the Apple App Store for making nudity available to users.

Comic: The Fortune 500 in the Year 2030

DOGHOUSEDIARIES created this humorous glimpse into what the Fortune 500 company list will look like 18 years from now, in the year 2030. We see that “Undo Instagram Filters Inc.” leads the pack with $2.88 trillion in annual revenue.

It’s obviously satirical, but it does cause you to think… What is the world going to do with the unfathomably large pile of filtered photos if/when the fake retro look goes out of style?
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Comic: Canon, Nikon, and iPhone

A funny photography-related remix of a well-known Dueling Analogs comic.

(via Dueling Analogs via Reddit)

Photography For Lazy Photoshoppers

This is what happens to your photography when you grow in both Photoshop skills and laziness.

Fall Foliage [xkcd]

P.S. Someone should start an xkcd-style webcomic geared towards people who love photography. That would be awesome.

That Object Definitely Looks ‘Shopped

Brian T. linked to this XKCD comic titled “Photoshops” in the comments of our “Photoshop in real life” post today. I’ve seen it before, but it’s still pretty funny.

What The Duck Comic Strip Gets a Strap

Fans of Aaron Johnson’s webcomic, What the Duck can look sharp with new (and uber cute) WTD camera straps.

What The Duck already has a line of clever photo-related t-shirts and other merchandise, including a customized Flip cam, but the camera strap is the first actual WTD photo accessory.

The straps come in black and blue, with lots of ducks, for $35 from the customized camera strap makers, HighKey.