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Film Roll-Shaped Toilet Paper Dispenser

This giant film roll packs a roll of toilet paper instead of photographic film. It’s refillable, and can be placed on a table (dispensing TP through the top) or mounted on a wall (with the TP coming out the side). They come in red, yellow, and green, and cost $17 apiece over at Brando.

100 Film Paper Towel Box (via Unplggd via Jim Golstein)

Lather Up with Camera-Shaped Soap

Sure, you’ve got duster kits and lens cloths to boot, but what about your own body’s hygiene? Specialized soap-making duo Rob and Megan Green, better known on Etsy as Stinkybomb, have made this nifty camera-shaped soap for photo fans.

Like all of their soaps, the camera soap was created with a mold made from a real counterpart, an Olympus point-and-shoot modified to bear Stinkybomb’s logo. It’s amazing how much detail comes through in the soap version.

The soap is available in pink, yellow, green and more for $10 each from Stinkybomb’s shop.