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Mind-Bending Recursive Illusion Created Using Printed Photographs

Whoa. If you enjoy watching mind-bending concepts that confuse you and make your brain hurt, check out this experimental short by Willie Witte, titled “Screengrab.”

Nothing in the video is computer generated trickery: it simply uses clever camera tricks and a whole lotta printed photographs to create the seamless transitions. “All the trickery took place literally in front of the camera,” Witte says. See if you can understand what’s going on through the entire 1 minute and 30 seconds.
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A Picture of a Picture of a Picture of a Picture of a Picture of a Picture…

The video above is one of the trippiest things you’ll see today. It’s a video showing a seemingly endless transition from a picture of a picture, to a picture of that picture of a picture, and so on. Want to know how it was made?
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Photo of a Reflection of a Reflection of the Photographer Taking the Photo

You’ve probably photographed your own reflection in sunglasses before, but have you ever captured a reflection of yourself shooting the photograph in the same shot? Reddit user Jon Little shot this trippy Inception-esque photo at the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago.

(via Reddit via Neatorama)

Image credit: Photograph by Jon Little and used with permission

Photograph Shows the Passing of a Day

Now here’s an interesting way to capture the passing of an entire day in a single photograph. It’s composed of 24 shots — one per hour — with no photo manipulation needed!

Previously, on 24 (via Photojojo)

Image credit: Previously, on 24 by le nompourflickr

Creative Endless Portrait of a Family

If you’re in need of a creative idea for a portrait of your family, check out this one by Flickr user Tu Do — it’s like the “Inception” of family portraits.

I’ve seen a few of “endless” portraits but generally they’re of the same person, which is pretty boring. So I thought of doing a family portrait haha. If you can’t figure it out it’s my dad, followed by my mom, then me, and finally my little brother; repeat. All shot at f/3.5 with an sb-600 bounced at 1/8th power. [#]

This would also be a neat idea for family members across generations (e.g. grandfather, father, son, etc…).

Image credit: Day 32/365 by Tu Do Photo and used with permission