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Quality Portraits with Budget Lighting

Who says you need uber-expensive lighting equipment to shoot nice-looking studio portraits? In this video, photographer Bert Stephani shows us what you can do with cheap halogen work lights (you can find them for about $30-$50) and a couple shower curtains.

(via f stoppers)

Music Video Tells Beautiful Story About a Magical Polaroid 636

This is a low budget music video directed by sixtwelve for the song “The Better Man” by Cayetano, and filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II. The story centers around an old Polaroid 636 received as a birthday present.
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“Modern Times” Points to Future Times

“Modern Times” is a short film that offers a glimpse of the future in both the story that it tells and the way it was made — it’s a low/no budget film created entirely against a green screen with friends as actors. Maybe in the future shooting at real locations (or with real people) will be less and less necessary as CGI continues to become more and more mind-boggling.
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