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Photographer Shoots Eye-Popping Macro Photos of the Portugese Man O’ War


Fine art photographer Aaron Ansarov‘s project Zooids contains beautiful, colorful, and abstract images that might look to you like something biological seen through a microscope. They’re actually macro portraits of the Portuguese Man O’ War, a jellyfish-like creature that is responsible for 10,000 documented painful stings worldwide.
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Using the iPad as a Portable Light Table

Here’s a “duh” idea that might not have crossed your mind: you can use your iPad as a portable light table by displaying a blank page on the browser. Might be useful for those of you who are thinking of doing some printing in your bathroom or something.

Of course, you can use a cellphone too for things like 35mm negatives, but an iPad is much more similar to a portable light table. This idea is courtesy of photographer Dalton Rooney, whose free WordPress theme for photogs we featured a while back.

Image credit: Photograph by Dalton Rooney and used with permission