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Clyde Butcher Talks About His Journey to Massive Black-and-White Photography

Photographer Clyde Butcher shoots big photos, and we mean big. He develops large format black-and-white prints that range in size from your standard 8″x10″ all the way up to 5×8… feet! This phenomenal photographer’s journey and the type of photography he’s become famous for are an inspiration to the people out there who want to see the extent to which the medium can be pushed. Read more…

Amazing Photos of Large-Scale Snow Art Created by One Man’s Feet

Artist Simon Beck needed a way to get exercise without aggravating his problematic feet, and discovered that walking around in the snow with rigid boots and snowshoes resulted in the least amount of pain. He then came up with the amazing idea of doing crop circle-style designs in large expanses of untracked snow.

Beck spends the good part of a day — between five to nine hours — plodding along according to a pre-planned design. Once each piece is finished, he photographs them from a higher vantage point to preserve them before sunlight, wind, or snow erases them from the face of the Earth. The art is so large that some of the pieces cover entire valleys.
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