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Creative Photos of Figurines Going About Their Miniature Lives in Our Big World


In English, the title of husband and wife photographer team Kurt and Edwige Moses‘ photo series Un Petit Monde translates into “A Small World,” but there’s nothing small about the world the duo have created for the series, only its inhabitants. Read more…

Epic Action Photos of Porcelain Figurines Shattering Against the Ground

For his project titled “Porcelain Figurines”, photographer Martin Klimas dropped various porcelain figurines onto the ground from a height of 3 meters and set up a camera to capture photos triggered by the sound of the crash. The result are razor-sharp images of exploding figurines frozen in time — “temporary sculptures made visible to the human eye by high-speed photography”.
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Toy Camera Modded with Figurines to Add Tourist Silhouettes to Photos

San Francisco-based photographer Ian Tuttle came up with this funky way of adding silhouettes to his Diana F+ photos without Photoshop — using some Elmer’s glue, he attached a couple 1/8” figurines (the kind meant for model railroads) inside the camera upside down. The resulting photographs show a couple shadowy tourists looking at each scene!

Putting Your Subject Inside Your Camera (via Lomography via Make)