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Always Keep Your Portfolio with You with These Custom Credit Card USB Drives


As a photographer, it’s a good idea to always have your portfolio with you. Given the advent of smartphone photography, that’s not much of an issue. Many portfolio websites offer mobile optimized versions of your site that you can easily show prospective clients on the go.

But if you’re looking for a way to keep higher resolution photos on you to showcase wherever you might be — or maybe a creative way to deliver final shots to clients — you might wanna take a look at Cartable+Convenience. Read more…

Alleged Credit Card Thieves Incriminate Themselves with Photo Booth Pics


If you’re planning on stealing somebody’s credit card (and we don’t suggest you do), then at least have the presence of mind not to hop in a photo booth with the card and several of your friends to take potentially incriminating photos. That’s what police suspect a group of teens did after stealing a woman’s credit card in Crofton, MD. Read more…

Twitter Account Retweets Publicly Shared Photos of Credit/Debit Cards

@NeedADebitCard is a new Twitter account that finds and retweets photographs of credit/debit cards that are publicly shared through the service. Apparently many people don’t know that it’s not a good idea to publish photos that allow anyone to see your credit card information. The account’s byline is: “Please quit posting pictures of your debit cards, people.”
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Credit Card-Sized Poco Pro Packs 1080p Recording and 14 Megapixels

Watch out GoPro — you’ve got competition headed your way. The Poco Pro is an upcoming camera by Iain Sinclair Design that claims to be the world’s smallest 14 megapixel camera and thinnest 1080p HD camcorder, perfect for action photography and helmet cams.

In addition to 4 gigs of internal storage, the credit card-sized camera can support up to 32GB more through its microSD slot. The back of the camera boasts a 2.4 inch display.
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