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Red Bull Teams Up with Instagrammers to Document Cliff Diving in Stop Motion

Red Bull has an appreciation for the potential of mixing photography with death-defying stunts. If you need an example, look no further than some of the Red Bull Illume projects we’ve covered in the past.

But Red Bull’s most recent foray into photography didn’t have to do with epic light painting or expensive gear: instead, the company teamed up with three top U.K. Instagrammers to document the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in stop motion. Read more…

Multiple Exposure Photo of Tombstoning

Tombstoning” is what people in the UK call jumping into water from a cliff upright and feet first, like a tombstone. If you have a friend gutsy enough to do this, try shooting multiple exposures as they’re falling and combine them into a single image. Photographer Alastair Sopp captured the beautiful image above of a nameless daredevil jumping from a 100 foot cliff into 20 feet of water (yikes!).

(via The Mirror via The Online Photographer)

Image credit: Photograph by Alastair Sopp and used with permission