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3-Year-Old Photographer Makes National Television News

At just 3 years old, young photographer Ruby Ellenby captured the attention of her hometown last month with her first solo exhibition in San Francisco. Tonight, Ruby’s story was featured on NBC Nightly News. The piece offers a mini behind-the-scenes peek at how Ruby goes about shooting, and some of her fans share their thoughts. Cute!

(via NBC Nightly News)

3-Year-Old’s Photos on Display in SF

The San Francisco Chronicle has a neat story about Ruby Ellenby, a 3-year-old photographer who is celebrating her first photography exhibition. 22 of her photographs are mounted as 8×10 prints on the walls of Moshi Moshi restaurant in San Francisco.

Here’s a sampling of Ruby’s work:

Ruby’s parents, Peter and Jeanne Ellenby, are both photographers specializing in music photography.

She has a personal website too, which includes a gallery of her photos. On the about page, she writes,

I’m Ruby and I’m three and a half.
My mom and dad didn’t help me take these photos. I do it all by myself.
They do let me use their cameras. I took these pictures with a Nikon Coolpix, an iPhone and a Vtech kid’s camera.
I hope you enjoy the pictures that I made for you.

If you’re in the San Francisco area, Ruby’s work will be only display through April at Moshi Moshi.

Image credits: Photographs by Ruby and Peter Ellenby and used with permission