500px Launches Groups and Discussions to Build a Community for Its Users

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500px has been working on something special for its users. After months of hammering away at keyboards and staring at screens, the 500px team has officially launched its new Groups and Discussions section, both of which are currently in beta.

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As with most forum-like discussion boards, 500px Groups and Discussions are “are a way for like-minded members of the 500px community to contribute their thoughts and opinions around specific creative topics.”

As they explain in the introduction article, the goal is to bring together users who want to talk to each other, learn more and to gain a better sense of community their 500px peers.

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Currently, only the main features are in place as the service gets off the ground: You can join groups, create new discussion threads, contribute/share more effectively within the community and, of course, further curate discussions by commenting and using the Reddit-esque upvote and downvote methodology.

But as time goes on and the Beta helps them work all the bugs out, 500px promises to release many more features like Group Creation and others that you might feel are conspicuously absent from the list above.

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To find out more, join the beta, or email 500px with feedback and suggestions, check out the introduction article on the 500px blog or visit the Groups and Discussions page here.

  • Ondrej Vranka

    Well – that might sound odd, but I guess it’s goin’ the wrong way. On 500px a couple of images are uploaded each second. If you wanted to, you could gave comment on every image just right of the bat, and if you’ve been up to, start an discussion without any new “forum” feature.

    Right now the folks present the images in the discussions and ask for c&c. Which was and is of course very predictable.

    The effect? If you have a serious question, your thread gets burried in minutes into nirvana… So the chance gettin’ an answer gets lost in the same period of time.

    What benefit shall this bring to the community? Keepin’ just one more forum in sight?

    Pls prove me wrong.

  • Grive

    I’d give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s a very new feature, and it’s still kinda wonky with the way it works, and people aren’t very used to working with it yet.

    I’ll give them a couple months of participation to see if they work the kinks out.

  • Ondrej Vranka

    History told me – ppl are very creative for “misusing” things for own purpose regardless of the consequences. I would not say – even it’s in early BETA – its not usable. I doubt the purpose, even ment right… if it turns out to be just “another forum” or another “linkedin group” thingy… well…

  • HT

    Yeah, I was looking around there a couple of times. The idea is good, thumbs up for 500px trying out something new.
    BUT: The users are not using it as it should be used: As a DISCUSSION-board.
    Right now people are uploading photos. That’s it.
    And others are going: Nice shot, Fantastic colours, Great capture…and so on.
    Sounds familiar, right? Same thing as before…
    But again- I don’t blame 500px, it’s mostly the users wrong doing.