NatGeo Photographers List the Strange and Horrifying Things that Have Happened to Them On Assignment


The Photo Society, a website run by a collection of National Geographic photographers, took the time a while back to put together a wonderful little tribute to photographer Wes Skiles, who passed away doing the work that he loved.

In tribute, the photographers compiled a ‘Reality Check’ list of all the crazy, strange and sometimes horrifying things that have happened to them on the job.

Skiles was a pioneer of cave diving, an underwater cinematographer and an all-round explorer, both for himself and through a number of assignments for National Geographic, so it was only natural that this was how they pay homage to the kind of life he chose to lead.

Some of the incidents that made the list seem fairly common, considering the assignments NatGeo photographers cover, but some of them are just straight up unusual and scary.

Take for example the time a photographer was bit by a tick… on his private parts. Or maybe the time two different photographers were attacked by the same Florida panther on two different assignments. And if that doesn’t do it for you, don’t worry; there were also two times that a photographer’s seatbelt came unbuckled as they were inside a helicopter that was tipped on its side over a volcano.

It’s an interesting collection of incidents; one well-worth taking a look at in its entirety. So head on over to the page, linked below, to see the entire collection.

The Hazards of Being a National Geographic Photographer [The Photo Society]

  • Rob N Thomas

    I’d love links to the specific assignments some of those occurred on, if they’re available

  • pxlated

    I can understand the helicopter/seatbelt might seem scary but the centrifugal force of the turn holds you in – just ask any Vietnam vet. In most Vietnam chopper picks the troops are sitting with legs outside and no such thing as a seatbelt in sight.
    Of course it depends on exactly what you’re doing but a “seat”belt implies sitting.

  • Prashant

    interesting ..

  • John

    no pictures???

  • kassim

    Robbery is still the worst.

  • Kelly Padgett

    Im pretty sure having a fish swim inside of your Penis is much worse than being robbed

  • arachnophilia

    you didn’t think this was a photography blog, did you?

  • Jason Yuen

    Penis fish made me click. Admit it. You did too.

  • Bearr

    1 Penis Fish is too many Penis Fish.

  • Zach Fox

    Gotta get that perfect shot!

  • ChrisHarrisionPhoto

    Paragliders…really not safe then.