New York Governor Candidate Arrested, Jailed for Recording the Aggressive Arrest of a Bronx Man


Only days after the NYPD sent out a city-wide memo to officers reminding them that the recording of their activity is allowed, Randy Credico, an upcoming candidate for New York Governor, was arrested, handcuffed and put in jail for recording the aggressive arresting of a man by two officers in street clothes.

Credico, who has been very vocal against NYC’s ‘stop-and-frisk’ policy, first started recording the situation after he noticed two men – not clothed in NYPD attire and not wearing badges, mind you – aggressively stopping an elderly black male in the Bronx.

As for how it went down after that, Photography Is Not a Crime shared a snippet of conversation from a call Credico had with Fred Dicker, a NYC radio host, while still in a Bronx holding cell:

The [officer] got right into my face, and says, you’ve got to move back. The next thing you know I got arrested.


He ended up being charged with a myriad of offenses: menacing a police officer, obstructing government administration, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Quite the barrage of charges for a simple recording of an arrest.

There’s no word yet on what will happen from here, whether the charges will be appealed or dropped, but it’s safe to say Credico will be using this anecdote to his advantage come election time.

(via Photography Is Not a Crime)

Image credits: Wanted by Torbakhopper and NYPD by Dave Hosford

  • bob cooley

    Not making any kind of statement on the overall situation; but it’s disingenuous to state that Credico is a NY gubernatorial candidate.

    He never recieved the Libertarian endorsement he sought for candidacy, and he’s very unlikely to get on the Democratic ticket (which he’s seeking now).

    He ran for mayor of NYC, first failing to get on the Demographic ticket, then failing to get on the Libertarian ticket, finally getting on the Tax Wall Street ticket, and only garnered 690 votes (in a city of 9 million people).

    Point is, it’s a bit inflammatory (and false) to call him a NY gubernatorial candidate (he’s a hopeful at best), to add some additional weight as his ‘prominence’ as a citizen for the sake of the headline.

    The Tax Wall Street movement folks tend to be instigators (and perhaps rightfully so), but I’d be wary that we aren’t hearing the whole story here.

    I’m not making a statement defending ANYONE here, there isn’t enough data for a judgement – all we have is the initial ‘he said’, and a potentially inflammatory headline.

    Sorry PP, this is sloppy reporting, and fails to be neutral for the sake of clicks.

  • Gannon Burgett

    A candidate, by definition, is someone who is trying to be elected. Thus, technicalities and semantics aside, he is indeed a candidate, as unlikely as his actual running may be.

  • bob cooley

    Sorry, no. A candidate in the electoral process, by definition is someone who is nominated to run in an election. They don’t only have to be attempting, they must be qualified – and the qualification portion of the electoral process is nomination. At the mayoral (in NYC) and gubernatorial races, you must get on the ticket (be nominated) to be considered a candidate.

  • Kallai Iosif Gavril

    The United States is a police dictatorship. So much about the greatest country in the world. (in their mind)

  • bob cooley

    You’ve clearly never been to a real dictatorship. The USA is far from perfect, but to compare it to the regimes of Hitler, Idi Amin, Kim Jong-un, Stalin, etc. is just ignorance.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    What about write in candidates?

  • Ken Jones

    I’d be careful believing anything that comes from or through “Photography is Not a Crime” website. Most of the videos I’ve seen from there are by agitators. Even from the article Credico was told to move back. If you’re told to move back you’re too close. Heck, there isn’t any video out yet, so we are only told he was videoing. Photography seems to be a red herring at times for agitators.

  • markz

    no, if you’re told to move back the police office _thinks_ you’re too close, and while it may be sometimes the case that you are so close as to hinder police in the physical act of doing their duty it is certainly true that in some cases, with some police officers being “in the land of the living” is still to close for them.

  • bob cooley

    Write ins are also conditional. In most cases there has to be no current candidate in the party where the hopeful want to write themselves into the vote (for example, if I wanted to write myself onto the ballot, I’d have to do it under a party affiliation, if there is already a GOP, DEM, Green, etc. I’d have to write myself in under a party that is recognized locally in the electoral process.

    And in the case of this gubernatorial election, he’s already petitioned the Libertarian party and has been turned away – and is currently in the process of trying the same with the Dems. So he currently is not a candidate – that may change, but currently he is not a candidate.

  • Alan Klughammer

    I agree that the US is not as bad as some of the worst dictators in history, but they are definitely going down that road…

  • bob cooley

    Truly, its not even close – We have freedom of speech, assembly, and so many rights that would get you thrown in jail in so much of the world. We have as much, if not more religious freedom than other nations, and in so many categories we are freer than the majority of the world. At last study, the USA was ranked 12th in terms of economic freedom (don’t let the term ‘economic’ throw you, its not just about the money, its about the judiciary, governmental influence, and a plethora of factors) out of the 195 nations that currently exist in the world.

    It is sad that we dropped out of the top 10 in 2014 – but we are still in the top 6% overall.

  • bob cooley

    Curious, why did the Photography is not a Crime link (in the body of the story) get changed to the PetaPixel story about the NYPD memo?

  • Glenn Tamir

    Bob, you are a breath of fresh are in a very stale environment. Thank you.

  • bob cooley

    Thanks Glenn – I just try to be objective as possible and do the research when I’m commenting (unless I’m being an opinionated wanker, which happens from time to time ;) ) Cheers!