Video: Inspirational Advice on How to Attain Creativity Through Diligence

It may seem as though creativity is an innate trait, passed down in the genetic code from generation to generation, but that’s just not the case.

It’s been shown over and over again that with the right mindset and ideals, creativity and success can indeed be taught. And in the above video, writer Shawn Blanc shares his insights on the abyss of creativity and how proper time-management, focus and routine lead to creativity and success.

There will without a doubt be times as a photographer when things feel stagnant, as though you’re stuck in a rut and need an extra little creative push to find your next challenge or composition. This nine minute video drives home the point that motivation and inspiration can be cultivated through the most mundane and seemingly simple of tasks,


In his recently-updated book, Blanc shares a poignant point that is at the core of this entire video:

Diligence isn’t a personality type, it’s a skill we learn.

As photographers, we must develop our creativity just as we develop every other aspect of our photographic lives. Sure, some people seem to be gifted with more innate creativity than others, but even they must ‘wage war’ against the creativity-stifling forces in their lives. It’s a journey, each one subjective to the one who travels it.

So check out the video above for a small (or large) dose of motivation and inspiration, and then grab your camera and go have fun. It’s that simple, even if it’s not always easy.

(via Lifehacker)

  • Rob Dickinson

    I got to 2:09 and had to stop, that background music.. :O

  • Ben

    I love these types of motivational videos, but… this one was just a string of clichés and dull imagery. I think my favorite has been “How To Be Creative” from PBS

  • J Livingston

    I couldn’t watch the video either but it’s nice to hear someone articulate the problems we face as creatives and offer ideas to help overcome them and I felt it was worth the listen.

  • Eleanor Gannon

    I found the commentary to be super inspiring with the mixture of practical and inspirational advice, especially the ‘lighten up and loosen up and have fun’ if you’re feeling stuck advice!