10 Things Non-Photo People Do That Annoy the Crap Out of Photo Enthusiasts

Photo enthusiasts and pro photographers alike should appreciate this one, because we all have those friends who know nothing about photography and, somehow, they all end up saying and doing the same ridiculous stuff when you pull out your camera.

The video above, put together by the folks at DigitalRev, goes over the top 10 things these friends do that annoy photo enthusiasts to no end. From the “how do you zoom” question to believing that their smartphone is just as good as your SLR because they both have the same megapixel count, DRTV hit the nail on the head with this one.

  • KelliAFranklin

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  • OtterMatt

    This is why the proper response to “how many megapixels” is “do you know what a megapixel is?”

  • BDWT

    Hahah, DigitalRev nailed this one. Just the other day, while out on the job a friend saw me scrolling through some shots and he said to me “Wow, your camera takes such nicer photos than mine” so I tried to explain to him the hilarity behind that statement (that it’s “the photographer not the camera” etc…), I thought I got through to him and then he reiterated “..but still, your camera takes such great photos!”.

  • lemmohr

    i hate it when non-photo people find out that I shoot nudes and glamour. they always say ‘I bet that’s why you are a photographer, so you can shoot naked women’

    also this conversation:
    them: What do you do for a living?
    me: I am a photographer
    them: ok, but do you have a REAL job?


  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    The one about the candid shots is pretty spot on. Even more so, is the one about being invited to events.

  • Jason Yuen

    does Digitalrev sponsor Petapixel or something? Everytime they release a video, an article about it pops up on Petapixel.

  • Scott

    Put it on manual, throw the settings way off and hand it over. Then he can see what great photos it takes :)

  • nerissapartington

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  • DickCheney

    All good. #3 drives DickCheney crazy. Also DickCheney’s least favorite compliment is, “Were these photos taken by you? They’re really good!”

    But Lok needs to work on his fake sneeze.

  • Aaron Jennings

    Petapixel are always plagiarising from other websites. I’ve just come to accept it now.

  • David Vaughn

    Have they done one on the annoying things that photographers do to other photographers? lol

    Every time without fail when I walk around with a DSLR I get stopped by another photographer who wants to have an equipment dick measuring contest.

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Sharing a video = plagiarising?

  • VVegaSTL

    They nailed the part about the greasy fingerprints all over the camera, and that isn’t just a camera issue, either. Heck, I remember when I was a kid and somebody wanted to play my Gameboy, and got it back literally print-smeared (especially the screen). Leaving you to wonder “why the heck would they touch THAT part?”

  • meaghdalena

    I’ve been trying to untrained my children to “look at the camera!” like everyone else they know asks them to whenever they take photos of my girls. Frustrating.

  • Steve

    I actually have a 9-5 outside of photography. But strangely enough, I never get people in DC asking about my “real job”. They assume that I’m a full-time photographer, and yet they all want freebies after they’ve just met me.

  • Steve

    Thankfully, I don’t get any friends trying to grab my camera/lens/flash. The only time it did happen was a drunken coworker at a holiday party, and I would have knocked them out if it weren’t for the fact that they had their hand around the lens. But all the other points in this video? Spot on.

  • Adam Cross

    “how do you zoom” I’ve heard that a fair few times :’)

  • Jason Yuen

    Well, it’s not plagiarism. They give full credit. But does every video that they release need to be mirrored here?

  • ThatGuy

    Love these guys! I like what he said about weddings: “It’s actually the camera that’s getting invited, and you’re the accessory.”

  • Ryan Acree

    “Is that a film camera? You still shoot those? Where do you get the film developed anymore? Can you still even get film? My dad had one of those cameras.”

  • Mike

    “What’s wrong with your camera I can’t see anything behind me it’s all blurred”

  • Mike

    My camera took these.

  • Mike

    Just some cucumbers in brine, what’s the big deal?

  • lfl

    I’ve become the official photographer for my organization at work and there’s the odd time when I am not going to be available. The folks whose job it is to organize our events (and whose photo experience is with phones or P&Ss at best) ask “Well, can you just let someone else use your camera?” Uh… NO…!

  • Marko Jovanovic

    You can always ask “Why, they don’t have their phones with them?”

  • OtterMatt

    But they’re so big!

  • OtterMatt

    In response, ask them if you can borrow their daughter/wife for an evening. When they say no, then tell them they have your answer, too.

  • lfl

    Funny you say that… One of the events I get called for annually is bring your kid to work day. I’ve done this for (too) many years and am always expected to do a group shot. I spend time getting a hundred kids pulled together so I can get them all in the shot (“No, please don’t let them sit outside in one row or they’ll look like ants in the picture!”) and then get “Uncle Bobbed,” having to fight the barrage of parents who gather to take phone pix. It used to be a few P&Ss but now they ALL get in the way. (Now I let them do their thing and ask the coordinators to get them out of my way.)

  • Harry Cunningham

    “that it’s “the photographer not the camera””

    God I hate that saying. Yes, the photographer plays a part… but so does the camera. My photos improved enormously when I moved from my crappy compact to a low-end SLR. Ultimately a better camera *does* produce better photos.

  • bethcwhitehorn

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  • Morgan Glassco

    went to watch it then saw it was that little annoying skinny guy and decided to pass

  • gochugogi

    You need to make yourself look a little more crazy, mean and intimating. Most photogs think I’m gonna rob or beat them…

  • michaeljashley

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  • Mike

    camwhoring sure is profitable, lately.

  • MickO

    how, specifically, did your new camera help your composition, timing, and ability to tell a story?

  • MickO

    What’s weird is that I’m looking at DigitalRev’s channel right now and I see lots and lots and lots of videos that I can’t find on PetaPixel.. so your comment clearly made PP staff go back and delete a ton. Nice work!

  • MickO

    What else haven’t you watched lately? Dying to know….

  • Morgan Glassco

    I also didn’t watch the Vagina Monologues of MickO

  • BDWT

    Okay if you want to be analytical about it, yes there is some truth that a “better” camera may reproduce colours more accurately and have better dynamic range, but a photograph is taken/made by the photographer. To rebuttal with another saying, “it’s not the tools we use which make us good, it’s how we employ them”. It’s the photographer’s responsibility to properly expose, frame, time and focus the lens accordingly to “nail a shot”.

    I’m 99.9% sure I get hired because of my portfolio and expertise, not because of my camera.

  • Omar Salgado

    Aesthetics. Indeed, the relation between the camera and the photographer is dialectical, circular, in spiral, not linear.

    Composition is not everything, though it is important. About time, it can be “frozen” or it can extend in a continuum. Telling a story is more about linguistics, the logos, than perceptual thinking. In a sense, this refrains the photo as art.

    The camera opens the realm of philosophy to those willing to step in. Mere composition is not art; telling a story is not art; aesthetics is not art; delivering a message is not art; technique and being ackowledged in it is not art; but the conjunction of all them could lead to art.

  • D.G. Brown

    DigitalRev has been a little hit and miss lately (one starts to wonder if Alamby was holding it all together), but this was really good.

    I was laughing since #1 just happened today. A coworker was talking about how impressive and pro the old 50D + kit lens was that I had on my shoulder (which I’d grabbed more to be humorous since someone said to “take all the cameras”). I had an X-T1 + 56mm f/1.2 in my hand and tried to explain that it was a more pro camera but just got blank looks (since it’s small and looks “old timey”).

    And I cringed at #3. I was once shooting a wedding and one of the guests made it a game during the reception to look at the camera and make this tacky pose whenever the camera was remotely in his direction. And he was good at this game to the point I just wanted to slap him. I still had plenty of good shots (and cropping is your friend), but I had to toss many that would have been great.

  • Rick

    What happened to Alamby? She left the show?

  • maggiejcarter

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  • l0k

    Stop being obnoxious and look up pro photographer, crappy camera (or whatever) from this very youtube channel.
    It’s quite uncommon for a photographer to never have felt limited by his camera. A better camera allows you to do more. For example:
    -What if your crappy camera won’t zoom in or out as much as you need? getting closer or further away is not the same.
    -What if you miss a shot because your crappy camera won’t pick up any detail in low light? Or, because it won’t allow you to change the exposure and focus settings needed to catch that shot.
    Apart from that, some crappy cameras don’t have rule of thirds grids, which help with composition, and some crappy cameras have lag between pressing the button and taking the photo, which is detrimental to your timing. And, not all photographers want to tell a story, what about marco, architectural, landscape, etc.?

  • D.G. Brown

    She left a while ago. I think she’s back in Australia?