Relive the 2014 World Cup in 99 Seconds of Stop-Motion Awesomeness

The World Cup is over. Germany came out victorious over Argentina, with a final that managed to bring in an estimated 26.5 million in the US, alone. But after 64 games, 171 goals and 1,917 fouls, there are far more highlights than the bang the World Cup ended on.

The above video, put together by The Guardian photographer Jonny Weeks, takes a frame-by-frame look at the moments that defined the world’s largest gathering of soccer talent and fans. At only 99 seconds long, it’s a quick, but brilliant piece whether you’re a soccer fan or not.

(via The Guardian)

  • Sum_it

    Brilliant Piece? I wouldn’t go that far. Simply put, this is a good sports photographer who put together a montage of select images from his coverage of the event.

  • Toby Hawkins

    The transition speed makes this too hard to watch for me.

  • David

    I might be stating the obvious here, but this ain’t “stop-motion”, it’s a slideshow (albeit a cleverly sequenced one)

  • Chris Griner

    Hmm, that is so not stop motion.

  • Bobba_Fett

    Since when did stop motion become a fast slideshow of random pictures?

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  • StronglyNeutral

    I think I might be out of the loop? Watching both this video and that Wild Child music video (posted elsewhere here) just gives me a headache.

  • clipper

    Rooney appears FAR, FAR too late in it :-)