Nikon Japan Issues Official Apology Over Significant Nikon 1 V3 Shortage


If you’ve been trying to get your hands on a Nikon 1 V3 camera, you’ve been, as the acronym goes, S O L. The camera has been sold out at all major retailers since before the first round of pre-orders went out. In fact, so bad is the shortage that Nikon Japan just issued an official apology.

The apology, which claims that demand has outstripped manufacturing capability for the speedy little shooter, raises an interesting question. Is the problem with the demand or the supply? In other words: did a lot more people order the V3 than any of us expected, or did Nikon have so little faith in the camera that they didn’t plan on selling that many in the first place.


It’s no mystery that the big two have struggled in the mirrorless market, to the point where Canon’s mirrorless offerings aren’t even available in the US anymore and Nikon is being called out by the Wall Street Journal for its lukewarm approach.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Perhaps now that demand has outstripped Nikon’s mirrorless expectations (for once), the Japanese camera giant might start taking a more aggressive stance on the CSC market.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Tracer

    I see them on shelves collecting dust everywhere in my city… the salespeople always crack jokes about the V series.

  • Rob Feiner

    I think the main problem has been educating consumers on “mirrorless” cameras and marketing them better. I have a Nikon 1V2 and it’s a great camera. Every time I push its performance capabilities, it surprises me with it’s output.

    Most non-pros and advanced amateurs (i.e., the general photo consumer market) don’t realize that a DSLR has a prism and mirror by which the image is captured by the sensor. So by calling this format “mirrorless” there’s a disconnect. And, most companies haven’t marketed these cameras as aggressively as they do entry level DSLRs that cost around the same price.

    While I don’t use a mirrorless camera for my pro work, I could certainly use it as a backup if needed. And as a camera to take on vacations or as an around town camera they’re a great choice.

  • gochugogi

    I love my “mirrorless” cameras–all M43–but to make them useable they need grips, L-plate, EVF, etc., so not it’s not much smaller than a SL1 and most glass is pricy compared to Canon and Nikon. I think the price of mirrorless compared to a Rebel is the main thing holding it back for weekend warriors and soccer moms. I don’t think they give a hoot if it’s mirrorless or not.

  • Massimo Marolda

    The problems with the V serie are the sensor and the confusion in the marketing/target directions. There’s no place anymore for sub-APS-C or new small standards in the demanding-amateur/prosumer/back-up-for-pro “needs”. At their launch, everyone expected at least an aps-c in those bodies. Wanted to go with smaller lenses? MFT.

  • berryz

    I’m assuming this happened because they grossly underestimated demand and not because the V3 is “selling like hotcakes”. The word “overpriced” comes up a lot when discussing the V3. For $1200, there are much better options out there.

  • Rob Feiner

    That’s what I like about the Nikon 1V2. It has a good grip that they manufactured it with and a decent EVF. I don’t think they’ve promoted the benefits of a M43 camera vs an entry-level DSLR (compact, weight and good quality).

  • Kynikos

    So they made seven, and have orders for nine.

    This “apology” is a cheap PR stunt to try to drum up interest in a line no one could care less about.

  • kassim

    My feeling exactly. There’s no need for an apology for this kind of situation. Usually they will just increase production and that’s it.

  • Graf Almassy

    Okay, the lenes are pricy, but far better than entry-level cheap DSLR glasses! Don’t forget the image quality when you compare lenses!

  • CHA0S_TH30RY

    “…that a DSLR has a prism and mirror by which the image is captured by the sensor.”.

    That is not how a DSLR works.

  • Navdeep Soni

    Was Nikon not expecting this kind of response from cosnusmers for mirrorless cameras ?

  • bobloblaw

    What cracks me up is that there is a fairly immediate apology for the lack of V3’s, but it took them almost two years to apologize for the D600?

  • Rob Feiner

    You’re totally correct, of course. But my main point was that by naming someone “mirrorless” there’s a perception that it’s not just different, but possibly inferior. My phrasing of how a DSLR could have been more accurate as you described.

  • Brendon Carr

    The Nikon 1 cameras, especially the V3, do have one killer feature — super-high frame rate.