Nat Geo’s Joel Sartore Gives a TEDx Talk on His Efforts to Save Endangered Species

National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore has been capturing life across the globe for over 22 years. And it was these travels across our Blue Marble that lead him to take on a personal project that he hopes will bring awareness to a subject he’s held dear since he was a child.

Called Photo Ark, Sartore has teamed up with zoos and rescue facilities across the globe to document the last of some of the most endangered animals on our planet, and in the TEDx talk above, he tells you all about this moving endeavor.


If this project sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve covered it in the past. What we’re sharing with you today is the talk Sarte gave at TEDxMidwest last year. In the talk, he dives deeper into the adventures he’s had, explaining the why behind the Photo Ark. It’s just shy of 20 minutes long and well-worth every last second.

To find out more about Photo Ark, check out our previous coverage here. And if you’d like to take a look at a gallery of images from the project, you can do so here.

(via ISO 1200)

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  • Victor

    Thanks for covering the effort again – a wonderful example of someone who uses his photography skills to pursue his lifelong passion in making a difference. (And for those who know Joel, it’s all about the image and its impact, not the camera, gear or equipment.)