Seaside Resort Now Looking for a CIO — A Chief Instagram Officer

Are you a fan of social media? Is Instagram your go-to place to share your story with the world? Are you looking for a part-time summer job? Well, if so, you might just be a perfect fit for Hillside Beach Club, a seaside resort in Turkey who is hiring a CIO – a Chief Instagram Officer.

The requirements sound more like the itinerary of a vacation rather than those of a job: lounging around at the resort, snapping away, and posting to Instagram beautiful photos of the beach and accompanying resort. The job is extremely short-lived though. The CIO position will be handed out to six individuals who will stay at the resort for free one week a piece.

Hillside Beach Club is far from the only vacation location to take advantage of Instagrams social klout, though. La Concha even promotes a “Selfie Adventure” deal that gives you steep discounts for snapping selfies and sharing them with accompanying hashtags to get their name out there.

Get snapping and have your text editor open, because who knows?… next time you’re on vacation, you might be able to add “CIO” to your resume. For any future employers who inquire about what it is you did as CIO, or what CIO even stands for, you might want to have an alternative scenario planned out.

(via ABC News)

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