Video: 6 Tips on Creating a Great Contact Page for Your Photography Website

They say the devil is in the details, and boy is that ever true when it comes to creating an easy-to-navigate photography website. In the video above, The Slanted Lens‘ Jay P Morgan and Adelaide Lawren sit down and talk you through 6 tips that will help you get one of the most important parts of that site squared away: the contact page.

If you think your contact page is unimportant, allow your friendly neighborhood PetaPixel editor to disabuse you of this notion. You can have incredible work, a snappy and easy-to-navigate layout and the most charming About page, but if your contact page is poorly put together (or worse, missing) you’ll be missing out on myriad opportunities.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 9.07.01 AM

When a potential client (or the editor of a major photography publication…) has to spend half an hour finding a way to get in touch with you, it’s quite possible they’ll just move on to the next thing on their to-do list — potential job, feature and/or interview… lost.

So don’t shrug this video off. Check it out, jot down a few notes, and make sure that your contact page checks off all of the necessary boxes so your clients never have to move on to their ‘option two.’

  • Adam Cross

    it seems like common sense but there are some really awful contact pages out there. baffles me

  • Clayton Finley

    and don’t have your email be mynamephotography@gmail/aol/yahoo, etc, get yourself a yourname@yoursite email set up.

  • Alexandra G.

    1. If you don’t have a studio, the mailing address is irrelevant. I travel to my client’s locations.

    2. If someone is too lazy to fill out a form, then they’re too lazy to type in an email; both offer the same option. It’s also more professional than email. Email comes later after we established a business relationship. Take all other companies as an example starting with Verizon.

    3. I nice head shot works if you’re pretty/handsome; otherwise it is only a mean to discriminate. Take this site as an example!

    4. The reason there is no phone number, is because we are tired of: a) too much phone spam, mostly from Google folks, and b) because we’re tired of being called and asked to work for free because “X” did it!

  • Christopher Eaton

    A couple of spam a week?? If you put your email on your website readable by a bot then you will eventually get 100s of spam a day.