Breaking: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Resigns


Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary who has taken much of the heat for the Obama Administration’s less-than-open policies that have kept photographers out of major events, announced his resignation today during a press conference.

In actuality, his resignation was announced by President Obama himself, who took over the podium during the press conference to announce the change and thank Carney for his service to the administration.

The president said that he would “miss [Carney] a lot,” and jokingly asked the press to “be nice to him on his farewell tour.”


Carney said he will stick around until mid-June, when he will be replaced as the Press Secretary by the current Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest, who President Obama praised for having “sound judgment and great temperament.”

Regarding future plans, Carney stayed mostly silent. When he took to the podium after President Obama’s kind remarks, he simply said that hadn’t made any decisions yet. “I’m excited by some of the possibilities,” said Carney, according to the NY Times. “I’m sure you guys will be among the first to know after I’ve decided what to do.”

What this means, if anything, regarding photographers’ access to the president is uncertain, but one does wonder if the controversy surrounding the administration’s photo policies, which one AP photographer called ‘Orwellian,’ had anything to do with Carney’s resignation.

(via NY Times)

Image credits: Photographs by Pete Souza/The White House

  • 343242342

    who cares?

  • MMielech

    “but one does wonder if the controversy surrounding the administration’s press policies had anything to do with Carney’s resignation.”

    No, now wonders what in the world this has to do with photography.

    And, jeez, couldn’t somebody do a quick color correction to that top image before it was published here? This is a photography site, not the Huffington Post.

  • Eric Perkins

    MMielech It has a lot to do with photography. Follow the link under the top picture if you need further explanation.

  • superduckz

    pretty flimsy connection to photography..

  • Courtney Navey

    Thanks, Carney, for regurgitating lies on a daily basis. Have fun with the ridicule that will, no doubt, bombard you for the rest of your political career. Seriously, Petapixel? You’re not the drudge report.

  • Jay Rider

    He’ll have a contract for his own show at MSNBC before the ink dries on his resignation letter.

  • dale71

    Well at least these lies didnt lead us into a false trillion dollar war that killed thousands of our boys, like the last admins guys told.

  • dale71

    Really? Not to professional photogs. I have a lot more respect for the recovery this pres has done after the near Depression conditions left him, but am disgusted by their anti photog BS

  • Todd Klassy

    If that’s the best you can about Obama I feel sorry for you.

  • dale71

    “say” is the word I’m guessing you seemed to have jumped over there, and say, that painful truth I mentioned is the only point I need.

  • Bill

    It was not a false war, it was voted and approved by both houses of congress in addition to the president. It was and is a just war on all those who attacked us on September 11 2001. We are losing our freedom, because we, as a nation are regressing inward, instead of projecting power outward at our enemy. In large part Obama has continued President Bush’s policies. Not allowing photographers in the press briefings is one aspect of our freedom being eroded.

  • Korios

    And if you run out of enemies you surely have to invent new ones, don’t you? You do not appear to lack naiveté.

  • Guest

    Nope, very little to do with photography.

  • Guest

    Oh Bill, let me guess, you’re against the healthcare law too even though that was passed and approved by congress. Am I right?
    Come on…
    admit it.
    Now, why would you support a war based on a lie (Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks. NOTHING. ) that killed hundreds of thousands of people on both sides, and cost many times more than any healthcare law would cost, but be against a law that helps Americans get medical care?

  • Guest

    He’s seems like one of Sean Hannity’s brainwashed “Great Americans”

  • Pete

    “Breaking” what? “Breaking News” perhaps, or maybe your heart is breaking at the news? :P

  • Bill

    Not one vote from the opposition, so no I don’t support the affordable care act. The vote to fight back against Islam facsicst

  • Billy___Bob

    All pictures with Jay Carney in them should be tagged “Professional Liar”.

  • Mojo

    Passed and approved by congress? They had to “deem” it passed in the house in order to get that passed. Now the majority of Americans disagree with the law. The wretched Nancy Pelocy told us that we had to “pass the law in order to see what’s in the law.” Now that we know what’s in the law, it’s time to get rid of it.

  • Billy___Bob

    Yeah … Kosovo was shorter.

    Bomb Bomb Bomb … Bomb Bomb Bomb … Serbia.

  • Mojo

    Oh please. Obama is not only keeping the war going, but we are keeping our mercs there long past the “end” of the war. And Obama’s regime has cost us far more than the fiscal liberal Bush’s did.

  • Mojo

    I think PetaPixel leans left. Lefties love to brown nose the big O.

  • Mojo

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Jim Colburn

    The irony meter appears to be pegged at max…

    Read, “What this means, if anything, regarding photographers’ access to the president is uncertain…”, then look at the credit for the pictures included with this article, “Photographs by Pete Souza/The White House”.


  • Jim Colburn

    By “ridicule” I’m sure that you mean, “the millions of dollars that he will receive from a book contract followed by the long and very profitable career he will have working for a major network or news organization”.

    Jay’s a good guy.

  • Jim Colburn

    It was a pointless war. While the attack on Al-Queda in Afghanistan may have some justification the war against Irag had none.

  • Courtney Navey

    Just remember, “Guest” (too coward to register a profile), if you like your insurance plan you can keep it; if you like your doctors you can keep them…period! Oh wait, none of that is actually true. Looks like Obamacare was a HUGE success! Now which way to the Obamacare death panel? Oh yeah, to the left.

  • Bill

    Hey Jim, it would seem that it was a pointless endeavor, but in my view these two “wars,” were a peace keeping mission. By destroying Saddam Hussien’s dictatorship, showed other would be purveyors of terrorism, at the state level, that there could be severe consequences. Thus, perhaps, preventing an atrocity even more extreme than what happened to us in the Sept. 11, 2001 attack.
    I think, no matter if your politics lay on the left or right, these Islamic facists don’t care.

  • Courtney Navey

    Jay Carney is a hack and should feel like the worst human alive for knowingly propagating Obama’s lies and deceit. Good guy? Yeah if by good guy you mean a liar and horrible person.