Photojojo Announces Unique Lo-Fi Printing Service, Will Make 3’x4′ ‘Engineer Prints’


Earlier today, Photojojo announced its latest endeavor called “Engineer Prints.” Sold under the tagline, “your photos, human-sized,” Engineer Prints offer a unique, inexpensive way to bring your digital images into the real world… in a big way.


Rather than focusing on multiple sizes and quality printers, Photojojo’s Engineer Prints are all printed as 3’x4’ images using industrial printers that are usually used for architectural and engineering work (hence the name).

Basically, Photojojo is applying the Lo-Fi approach seen across their other products to the final step of the photographic process, printing the halftone black and white only prints on lightweight, 20lb bond paper.


The advantage of this approach is, as you might expect, price. Each 3’x4’ print will cost only $25 shipped, making them useful for a plethora of DIY projects, such as DIY wallpaper, custom giftwrap, massive photobooth prints and jumbo photo street art.

It’s a unique approach to printing and certainly carves out a niche that, to my knowledge, no other printer has yet been brave enough to attempt.


Head on over to their site for more information or if you’d like to give it a shot and upload a photo for yourself. Shipping takes two weeks, so you have some time to decide what you’ll be doing with your massive, Lo-Fi print.

  • Kyle Sanders

    When you consider the intended viewing distance, these actually turn out pretty well. I did just this several years ago at Miller Blueprint in Austin Texas for some wall-sized panoramas. Do you have massive half-tone dots? Yes. Do you have lines, toner fade, and all other manner of imperfections? of course. When you stand 10′ away from a 10′ wide print, does it matter? nope.

  • Jeremy Madore

    I was doing this 10 years ago at the printing shop I worked at… for $6.50 per piece. Really… $25?? Can’t cost more than ~$10 to ship. That’s a hefty profit margin, fellas. If you can pull it off, I tip my hat.

  • Jen Giese

    Hey Jeremy! Actually worked really hard to get the retail (and cost to us) as low as possible on these. Because we don’t own our own large format printer (it’d take up our whole office) we’re working with a local print partner. Including processing, packing, packaging and postage – our margin actually is smaller than what we normally go with for products in the shop. But it’s a fun project we wanted to try out, so we did it anyways :)

  • superduckz

    Bravo! I’m a full time draftsmen by trade and I’ve “plotted” more than a few images on 20LB bond over the years. I’m on an HP Designjet T1100 which “can” spray some excellent color onto really expensive glossy photopaper but the simple stuff is really nice. Color can be surprisingly decent if you spend a bit more on the stock and go for a coated paper (not glossy. more like a light powder) that can really hold in some ink.

  • Emperience

    I agree with Jeremy. I’m in the printing industry and that is a hefty price. What is the printer charging you guys? Are they also doing fulfillment?

  • Photos4u2c

    Do it 3×2 and I’m there.

  • Grant Taylor

    I am curious about this as well. How does the quality stand up against to going to staples and getting an engineering print done? The process sounds pretty similar. I am not sure about the paper weight but the end product sounds pretty similar.

  • Joe Pepersack

    Adoramapix does 24×36 full color prints on Kodak Endura paper for $25. Bayphoto does full color 20×30 for $25 and 30×45 for $50, also on Endura.

    Yes, this is half the price. But it’s less than half the product — a low quality, B&W halftone image on regular paper vs a high quality full color archival print on photo paper? There’s just no comparison. I might consider it if the price were closer to $15. It’s just too expensive for what it is.

  • Jeremy Madore

    I can’t speak to their product as I haven’t seen it first hand, but every point in the description of the product in the article above allows me to say: it’s the exact same thing.

  • Grant Taylor

    That is why I am asking since I am assuming the guest post is a representative of photojojo but I am tired and clicked on you for reply instead of the guest but my questioning follows yours. Staples is 7.29 for a 3 x 4. Free shipping over 20 dollars or I can go into the store and pick it up. I want to know why it is 25. Maybe it is better paper or a higher quality print. But without that information I will do as I have done in the past and print at staples.

  • 256studio

    Well, when 18×24 cost 2.97 to print each plus about 6.00 shipping for 1 item. The 3ft x 4 ft should not be much more than that. Total is a little high though. But with running a business and it has to make something or the product will not be worth doing. -Scot

  • headshots Los Angeles

    So then wtf we need you for? Just point us to your “local printing partner” so we can skip the middleman and the insane markup. Thanks.

  • Nate Matos

    You’ve been able to have these done at OfficeMax/Office Depot/Staples for years for a few bucks a piece. I had some 2×2′ prints done a few years back for $3.00 each.

  • headshots Los Angeles

    As other commenters have mentioned, staples sells engineering prints in large sizes without the insane markup

  • Ridgecity

    Ever heard of Kinko’s?

  • churchydave

    Now they’re $4.99, still cheaper!!

  • junyo

    At the engineering firm where I used to work, we ran a wide format KIP and charged a dollar a linear foot on a 3 ft wide roll and made money on every print job.

  • Adrian Tavano Photos

    Gave it a shot, been waiting for a service like this for a while now and may go crazy with it LOL thanks!!!

  • Kyle Sanders

    Who prints at that rate? You could always tile several of them together! In a way, the draft/blueprint quality of the print is part of the charm of what Photojojo is offering.

  • Halfrack
  • Patrick Foley

    OfficeMax offers 24″x36″ prints like these for $3.90 and you can upload files on their website and usually pick them up the next day.

  • Michael Andrew Broughton

    just another overpriced, gimmicky, “lo-fi” product intended to rip off hipsters.

  • enases

    Lo-Fi print for Hi-Fi price, great deal, let’s all queue in on this! Not.

  • Gary

    Er page has it at $40 not $25, would have a closer look if the price was around $25 or less…

  • Cristian Vieira

    when you say that for that money yo also ship, does it mean world wide or only within the US?

  • Maryelle St. Clare

    That price is only good to suckers. FedEx Kinko’s does the same thing for $9 and change. I went and tried some last night. And for $9 something, they are OK – they look exactly like what you’d get out of a copy machine. For $25 you’d have to be insane or stupid to buy it.