Action Cam Footage Captures what It’s Like to Get Stuck in a Cave as It Fills with Water

Consider this your terrifying action cam video of the week… or year. In a nightmarish four-minute video uploaded earlier this year, a man gets stuck in a narrow part of a cave while trying to get out. And as if being stuck isn’t horrifying enough when you’re under ground, it seems the cave is also filling with water.

This reminds us of the BASE jumper who captured his bone-crunching collision with a solid cliff wall, or the skydiver who got hit in midair and went unconscious while free-falling — there are some helmet cam videos that will haunt our dreams. This, we’re pretty sure, is one of them.

P.S. Although the video stops before the man gets out, several sources are reporting that he did get out. Apparently the original video description ended with “It took another three hours of crawling to get out the cave a different way.”

  • stefan

    That was tough to watch!

  • Herpe

    Lets just film him and not help

  • imajez

    Despite not being fond of heights I can watch a Mustang Wanted video if I hold on to my chair. 20 secs of this video and that was enough for me to stop it.

  • imajez

    Looked like a GoPro type footage to me, so it’s hardly going to make any difference whether camera is on or not.

  • slvrscoobie

    hence the reason I dont think I could do cave diving/exploring. too much fear that ill get stuck at one end without another way out…

  • brob

    yep.. I would be panicking too

  • @JacksonCheese

    Fück everything about that.


    The worst part is the water is usually freezing cold and when t hits your chest it takes your breathe away

  • Ralph

    The OP of the video is the guy being stuck over there. He got pulled out by the two guys behind him and then, as stated, it took three more hours of climbing to find a way out.

  • Wilfredo Garrido

    I don’t see a hand extended in help.