Hilarious Camera Issues During Live BBC News Broadcast

Alright, we’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t strictly photography related, but it’s a funny camera issue and a great way to start Tuesday off on a light note. The viral BBC News clip above is quickly spreading to all corners of the globe as people giggle their way through what may be one of the funniest transitions in serious news history.

Just as the reporter is finishing what sounds like a very serious financial story, the camera slowly tilts up, wiping her from the shot even as the green screen background remains unchanged. The video then cuts abruptly to the other reporter who ever so awkwardly says “I think we had a problem there with our camera at the end.” Well, that’s an understatement.

So remember this the next time you experience technical difficulties on a shoot, because you’re not alone.

  • Leonardo Abreu


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  • C Jacobs

    Hilarious? No! Chuckle worthy? Barely!

  • Mark Brown

    I’m a sucker for a good news blooper. Gave me a good laugh!

  • Renato Murakami

    Taking bets! Cameraman slept on the job?

  • Damean Ravichandra

    Turned to do something else most likely, and the camera slipped free of its tilt lock.

  • natums

    Done that… Easier to do than you’d think when the tilt lock gets worn over years of use under heavy loads.

  • natums

    Yup. That’s a bigger production than mine but I was “asst. floor director”, which really meant I operated all 3 in-studio cameras, old equipment, really had to make sure tilt lock was tight.

  • Lando

    Having worked in news until very recently (in the US, though), having one person running between two cameras is pretty much the norm

  • Thomas Kryton

    I volunteered for a local cable company for a while on their community channel and had a similar experience. I was told to zoom in and tilt up to the face of one of the Calgary Stampede Princesses by the news director over my head phones and unbeknownst to anyone they gave me the floor camera with the broken tilt. All I managed was a close up of her chest and an awful lot of laughter from the control room. Stuff happens and can even be funny.

  • Hyperbole

    [Louis CK voice] HOW THE F**K IS THAT HILARIOUS?

  • LEL

    The reason why the camera trailed off like that at the end was not due to “technical difficulties on a shoot” by a camera operator. BBC is now using automated cameras in their studios and there have been dozens of problems with them. Just look it up on youtube… BBC camera problems.

  • CDNChaoZ

    I thought the BBC uses robo cameras?

  • SiriusPhotog

    I’ll take that bet. Having worked as a studio camera Op. many years ago I can tell you that now days almost everyone of these studios are robotic now. They use a combination of presets and eye tracking and this is a very common side effect if the one person that is now baby sitting three or four cameras is not paying attention.

  • Get to the Choppa

    Don’t let Arnold Schwarzenegger see this… GET DOWN! YOU HAVE TO GET DOOOWN!