Your Perfect Day: An Inspirational Message on Work/Life Balance for Photographers

What is your perfect day? And when was the last time you had your perfect day? If you’re like most photographers the answer to the first question may come out pretty easily (or not…), but the answer to the second…

That was the question that wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis once asked a fellow photographer, and when she heard the second part, it left her in tears. She couldn’t remember her last perfect day, because she was so busy working and working and working at her career that she had forgotten to live the lifestyle she was hoping photography would offer.

This was the subject of one of Jerry Ghionis’ presentations at WPPI 2013, and it has been condensed with help from award-winning director Ron Dawson into this inspirational and important message that many of us who are busy chasing our dreams need to hear.


Ghionis’ point is that doing something you love can quickly become an obsession, an end in and of itself, when really it ought to be a means towards living as many ‘perfect days’ as you can. When your work begins taking you away from your loved ones. When you can’t remember the last time you had a ‘perfect day,’ maybe it’s time to reevaluate.

It’s a very unique message, seemingly contrary to the typical ‘do whatever it takes to live your dreams,’ but in reality the two go hand in hand. Doing what you love for a living ought to enable you to live the lead the life you want, but for many people it becomes an obsession that dismantles that life.

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Published just in time for all those getting ready for WPPI 2014, this video and the accompanying blog post encourages you to do some soul-searching and ask yourself that question: What is your perfect day?

If you’d like to share your answer, by all means, feel free to drop it in the comments down below.

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  • Jake Brown


  • John Ryan

    Why do I feel like collapsing my photograohy company now?

  • Tomas Ramoska

    Good one.

  • Sean Walsh

    This message comes at a very precarious time for me. I’m faced with much of the problems Jerry addresses, and I’m sitting here trying to keep myself from going to pieces over the choices I’ve made in my professional life as a photographer, thinking that I am somehow complete, accomplished, successful, because I make my living from photography. My wife held up the mirror recently and I saw that I’m not happy when I take pictures for others, I’m only happy when I take them for myself. I’m in a serious mode of reassessment, and the 8+ minutes I watched and listened to this video has really struck home. Glad to know I’m not completely mental.

  • Sanoc

    Where’s Jerry’s index finger??

  • Pete Charlesworth

    shot 100 weddings? yeah right. good message though…

  • Kurnia Lim

    It’s not just for photography, many people just out there working and forget about their happiness and family waiting for them at home maybe to have dinner together. However getting money is become harder and harder, maybe this is why we/some people do that, because we think being out there, making money to provide our family so they can be happy, only sometimes we forget that money is not everything. Nice video, I always admire Jerry Ghionis.