Real or Fake? GoPro Survives Fall from an Airplane, Crash Lands in a Pigpen

Here’s something crazy to help you shake off the gear fever all of this morning’s announcements probably induced. This footage supposedly captures what a GoPro saw after it was dropped from a skydiving airplane, survived that several thousand foot fall, and landed smack in a pigpen where one of Babe’s relatives tried to have it for lunch.

According to the video’s description, the owner of the pig pen stumbled across the camera 8 months after it had fallen and was able to salvage the video of its fall seen above. But as with any viral video, this one poses more questions than answers.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 12.53.05 PM

Is it really possible that the GoPro survived that crazy of a fall? Did the spinning GoPro really sync up with the frame rate of the camera to create that really cool effect for the last few seconds of the fall (according to a few Redditors who analyzed the audio, the answer is yes)? And how exactly did this poor action cam survive 8 months of attempted eatings by various pigs?

We’ll let you decide whether or not the video is real or a fake, and you can feel free to drop your conclusions in the comments down below. One thing’s for sure: if this is real, it’s one heck of a commercial for how tough GoPros really are.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Mike

    Fall time, neglecting air resistance/terminal velocity, translates to a fall height of about 3.5 kilometers.
    Now, if like cats the terminal velocity of a GoPro is “non lethal”, then this video is very much plausible.

  • Mike

    Gotta love solid state and good soldering.

  • Victor Cheng


  • Verónica Peña Sardiñas

    If you think it’s fake
    But it sure looks real
    Who ya gonna call?

  • D.G. Brown

    Why does this make me want to throw one of my GoPros out the window of an airplane…

  • LuAnnH

    The only way to know for sure, is to test it. GoPro needs to give this a shot.

  • Lucas Saugen

    I sure think the camera could survive the fall but I highly doubt they’d be able to find the camera again that’s why I think it might be slightly fake.

  • MikeAlgar42

    According to a few redditors… Seriously. Peta Pixel, no offence but I remember a time when you guys didn’t recycle Reddit threads I’ve seen days before and turn them into click bait.

    There is a group of people who assume that anything related to GoPro on reddit is a sign of advertising and they cry hail corporate. There are other videos that have been posted before that have fallen great heights and survived. In fact ones that have fallen further. The rolling shutter effect is more than plausible assuming that the camera was falling at 720rpm. It’s real. GoPro don’t really need to do marketing, their camera does it for them.

  • DJA

    Could have killed the pig!

  • religionandhistory

    If it was staged it would have obviously landed in the hand of a Gold Medalist at the Winter Olympics :) !

  • Mauricio Schneider

    LOL’d so hard at this…

  • AC

    Really buddy, how is this clickbait? You want clickbait, go read Wired.

  • Jo

    I think GoPro should test it out:) the camera alone and in a case:) it would be a great commercial;)

  • Knut

    I ask myself: if the camera was that insanely fast, how did it “land” so quickly and didn’t jump a few metres on the earth before it comes to stop? sorry for that bad english…

  • Chillywilson

    I’m going to say fake! If you spin a gopro you shouldn’t get that type of parallax effect.

    Here is some spinning gopros to watch
    youtube. com/watch?v=4xaieRkOH3g
    youtube. com/watch?v=8p3tB7arFh8
    youtube. com/watch?v=5ivt688nxNo

  • Nicholas

    None of those were spinning in the same way that this falling GoPro was.

  • Mike

    Well, pigs tend to live around mud…Which is rather shock absorbing.

  • Larissa

    ”You spin my head right round, right round, when you go down, when you go down down.”
    Flo Rida wrote the soundtrack for this video 4 years before its release. Visionary.

  • Jos.

    are they telling us that the pig farmer hasn’t looked at or cleaned his sty in over 8 months. that bit is unbelievable.

  • Ian Mwathi

    I’m not saying its fake but how convenient they release this now ahead of their planned IPO? Just saying…

  • Christopher John Gallagher

    “They” didn’t find it! The farmer in whose pig pen it landed found it.

  • Ted

    Pig pens are often nothing more than steel railings and gates. Farmers will move them around the property over time. That way the land gets fertilized and the pens don’t need much maintenance. It’s called free range.

  • cazz

    The camera falls face down in the mud and miraculously turns on its back with a clean lens. Fake. (At least the last bit). The fall may be real.

  • george

    Real or fake (I err on real) its bloody dangerous to have anything drop from a plane except perhaps a feather. It could have killed or caused serious damage on impact.

  • Ted Kirk

    How sad that you have to ask the question in your headline.

  • Jim Johnson

    As light and non-aerodynamic as the go pro is, I would assume terminal velocity is not very high. So, yeah, I would say this is real.

  • Jim Johnson

    Yep, my family has raised pigs for generations. The only time anyone ever ventures into the pen is to move the pigs out of the pen… not only is there no need to, it is very dangerous. Pigs are mean. PIGS EAT PEOPLE!

  • Ham Man

    Just another typical redditor who has to point out that s/he saw it on reddit first and everything/one else sucks. Pretty soon, 4chan will finally catch on with the masses and then this same circle-jerk conversation will happen instead of petapixel or facebook, it will be reddit that will be the 2nd hand slop that hipsters will so gladly shun.

  • Ham Man

    >Is it really possible that the GoPro survived that crazy of a fall?

    English….DO YOU SPEAK IT?

  • rikijay

    Isn’t being “slightly fake” akin to being “slightly pregnant?”

  • rikijay

    For those out there who have past pig experience — are they really so confident that they would immediately approach something that fell, presumably with a big splat or thud, from the sky in their proximity and lick it? Wouldn’t you expect them to run away and investigate only after they calmed down? (Asking cuz I don’t know …)

  • jesus

    all fake…

  • imajez

    That’s a reworking of a 1980’s track written by Dead or Alive and that line refers to oral sex.

  • Larissa

    I’m aware of that fact but, if you forget that it is about oral sex, then it is way more fitting than “you spin me round like a record”.

  • http://www.uranus.tyt/ KoRnH0Li0

    The fall was real, only the gopro was encased in a reinforced enclosure thereby explaining why the pig had trouble putting it in his mouth because of the size. I know this because i’m the pig on the video.

  • imajez

    So if you ignore its meaning it’s more fitting – interesting logic there.

  • Vickie

    Shouldn’t there be a plane in the sky at the end?

  • Alex Antonio Candia

    you can see the plane flying away 0:14

  • Jem Green

    would a pig keep licking something made of plastic .Doesnt it have a sensitive enough nose to tell after a sniff or 2 whether something is worth attempting to eat?

  • John in Brisbane

    The spin helps. It would reduce the terminal velocity. It’s a technique used for some air-drops. Plus you only need to dampen the impact slightly to reduce the max g-force and pressure a lot. Apparently if we all wore 12mm foam bands on our heads while driving it would reduce the rate of brain injuries from car crashes by 80%. So I’m saying this seems possible. As for the spin, I’d want to see what was attached to the camera. So not necessarily fake :-)

  • Mike Meinhart

    No, they don’t. They’ll try to eat anything.