InMyBag: A Website for Showing Off Your Gear and Exacerbating Your G.A.S.


‘What’s in Your Bag’ posts are popular on major photography websites. National Geographic‘s PROOF blog even does a unique version where they focus on those things that have meaning, but aren’t necessarily gear.

But what about the rest of us? If you’re not expecting a call from Nat Geo asking you to reveal the contents of your camera bag any time soon, the website InMyBag gives you a chance to share that with the world and pique your gear envy at the same time.

The point of the site is twofold: let people share their gear and do a little bit of self promotion while they’re at it.


From the site’s About page:

Submissions are open to anyone with an enthusiasm for photography, professional or amateur and we have categories for DSLR, Lighting, Mirrorless, Film, Video, Leica, Vintage, GoPro, Phone based photography and those with minimalist kit.

We’re aiming to build an entertaining, inspiring, educational and a fascinating insight into photography.

Of course, the potential is there for the site to devolve into all self-promotion and braggadocio, but as long as you don’t take it (or yourself) too seriously, it can actually be a fun site to browse every once in a while when you want to see what your fellow photogs are working with.

Already big names like Joey L, Sam Hurd and Joel Grimes have taken to the site to share their gear. To browse for yourself, of maybe submit a picture of your gear along with some shameless self-promotion, check out InMyBag by clicking here.

(via Lighting Rumors)

  • junyo

    Oh, so it’s the “Shopping List for Gear Thieves’ website. If you have zero social media presence, maybe. But if you’re ever a) telling the Internets where you will be ahead of time (RSVP’ing a party, previewing a shoot), and b) announcing the specific thousands of dollars of gear that you will likely have with you just seems like a recipe for getting robbed.

  • Joe


  • Scott B.

    I hope they’re stripping GPS data from the pictures…

  • tocleverforyou

    in short…. a site for morons.

    most likely iphone user too.. “here look my new phone……”

  • David Vaughn

    I know several people who post pics of new gear on their social media too. I think being on social media in general is a risk to your personal possessions.

    Well…unless you’re just one of those people who never really post anything and just share links to Upworthy and Buzzfeed.

  • Adam Cross


  • procentje20

    There is some potential here. But only if people explain in what aspect their bag is different, and why they made this choice. If you look through the bags, you see a hiker that uses the 100-400 lens pouch from canon. I thought nobody uses those. But he has to keep out all extra dirt and dust. So I can see the point. Those choices make it interesting. My bag would not be in the least interesting as I just have a wide to tele lens trio and one body like the most of us.

  • Gav

    I don’t get it??