Creative Project Combines Time-Lapse and Stop-Motion to Capture a US Road Trip

PetaPixel readers should already be familiar with Eric Paré‘s work. Often a combination of multiple photographic disciplines, his videos offer, if not something unique, then something at the very least different from the multitude of time-lapse, stop-motion and light painting work out there.

His newest project, called WindScale, is a combination of time-lapse and stop-motion that he and a friend created on their way from Montréal to Burning Man in Nevada last year.

The mix makes for an interesting break from your typical landscape time-lapse. Although there are plenty of picturesque vistas captured, those vistas are often joined by Paré’s friend Marie-Line Migneault. By timing her movements to the click of the shutter, she alternates between looking like a stop-motion mannequin and a person somehow moving at normal speed through a sped up world.


“We did it to experiment with stop-motion plus time-lapse,” Paré told us when he got in touch with us about the project. “But above all technical aspects, this was truly a way for us to immortalize this magical moment we spent in the US.”

You can find out more about the project by heading over to Paré’s WindScale website here. And if you want to see more of Paré’s work, be sure to check out our previous coverage.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • stumped

    I clicked, thinking this would be a video about a road trip from Montreal to BM, and it really was a series of scenes from southern Utah.

  • Fab

    and it would have been correct to have put a decent girl in the movie, by respect for the viewer.

  • Zantac

    Very sharp images combined into an interesting video. But why oh why, so much over saturation? So common place nowadays, have we all forgotten what nature looks like for REAL?

  • MissMitsi

    Beautiful time lapse piece… brilliantly done!

  • Wilba

    So if time-lapse is taking each shot on a regular schedule, and stop-motion is taking each shot when the subject is in the required position, then the “experimental” part of this was having the subject in position on schedule? Is that it?

  • Jampy Joe

    you’re basically complaining about a lack of porn on the internet.
    you fail.

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  • Massimo Nicolini

    I found it… embarrassing. Why the woman is kind of dancing against the landscape?? It’s meaningless, before using a camera you should have a good reason to shoot.

  • James

    Kinda over sharpened a lot…