Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari: More Than Just a Photo Shoot

Michael Schumacher's Ferrari F300 photographed by Blair Bunting

For those close to me, you know how much Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident and subsequent critical condition has affected me. He is one of my heroes, and my family are of the many Ferrari tifosi (fans) that have cheered him on through the years. Like so many around the world we continue pray for his recovery in dark times.

When word came that his 1998 F1 car was in Scottsdale for an auction, I quit everything I was doing and started to call every contact I had that might be able to get me near the car. It meant too much, for I saw it as a way to show my respect to a legend that I have never met.

Normally, at this point, I would write a sentiment about the person or subject of the story; however, I just don’t have the emotional strength to do so. I will let my photos do the talking and just leave you with this…

Thank your heroes. Be it your father, a friend, a mentor or a public figure. Thank them for the drive to aspire, and the strength found from battles won against trials both trivial and dire. Life without them is just an autonomic chemical reaction of synapses and flesh all trying to understand what it is to live lacking only inspiration. What makes a hero lies in the eye of the beholder, judgement matters not to the world but to the individual. The only thing held constant is gratitude.

Thank you Michael. Keep Fighting. Sempre Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher's Ferrari F300 photographed by Blair Bunting

Michael Schumacher's Ferrari F300 photographed by Blair Bunting

Michael Schumacher's Ferrari F300 photographed by Blair Bunting

Michael Schumacher's Ferrari F300 photographed by Blair Bunting

About the author: Blair Bunting is a commercial photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Visit his website here, his blog here and his Twitter account here. This article originally appeared here.

  • russianbox

    Seem over edited, like the watch that was posted yesterday, its more like 3D.

    which is funny because 3D tries so hard to look real, flaws and all

  • guest

    Agreed – this looks easily like a 3D graphics product, not a real-world shoot. If they had this look in mind to start, why go through the trouble of photographing it in the first place? And if they wanted to show something real (i.e. connected to the real-world personal sentiment), wouldn’t they want to show it in a ‘real’/non-CG look?

  • nuts

    I’m sooo tired of reading comments like the first two.
    Would you guys have made it even near the car? Probably not. Would you be able to pull it off in such quality? I doubt it.
    What I see is photos of someone who knows his trade, and I’d be more than thankful to learn how to achieve this – with a camera and a couple of lights.

  • Benjamin Von Wong

    These are some amazing shots Blair. Kudos and wish all the best to Michael.
    didn’t know you were based out of Phoenix, would have loved to meet you while I was in town for ImagingUSA

  • Tarmo

    Meh, it’s just a car, although the last one from above looks cool.

  • Blair Bunting

    Hey guys, I want to say a genuine thank you. Both to those that like the images and those that feel they could have been done better. Truth of the matter is that you both mean a lot to me and are completely entitled to your opinions. The greatest thing about photography is that we all get to show what our eye sees. Maybe the view or the subject differs but in the eye of the beholder it is beauty. These images will always hold a very personal connection to my support of Schumacher and don’t represent a photoshoot to me, but rather a tribute to a man I have looked up to for many years.

  • russianbox

    I hope you don’t take what i said the wrong way! They are great but for my tastes I’d like to see it be more of a photo.

    also where did my comment reply to Nuts go? The one about keyshot?


  • pokeken

    Thx for sharing the shots with us and although technically great sorry it doesn’t work for me…its got that bland sheen akin to a poor 3D model and does not communicate with the viewer.

  • guts

    no one cares if “works for you”, gtfo

  • Oggie

    Damn! The Ferrari F300 is one of my favourite F1 cars.
    So many memories that season.

    Thanks Micheal.

  • diversal

    a beautiful machine

  • Jesse Scroggins

    Cool car, and nice lighting. I’m wondering if the reflection was added in post, because it should show the undercarriage of the car. If it was added it was done very well, because the geometry is spot on.

  • Francis Lai

    Nice work but fake reflection.

  • guest (above)

    Of course I’d love to learn how to achieve this; I’m just saying that my personal style and interpretation of the scenario would call for a different presentation.

  • russianbox

    looks like my original comment is still pending approval because of a youtube link, so here we go again.

    Yes to both questions,
    I’m a 3d Artist who also does photography, Not only do i get to see the objects (Cars, Bikes, Phones, Watches etc) I also get to photograph them for reference photos!

    As for me being able to pull off that type of quality, Why yes! I love what I do and spend a lot of my personal time getting good at this type of thing. In my pipeline i use Keyshot (insert youtubelink here) for lighting, Its an amazing piece of software which is used for all kind of product shots. Alot of car billboards you see are done this way.

    Anyway, I’m sooo tired of reading comments like yours, who don’t know anything about the amazing and thriving 3d industry and who think they can just slag people off on the internet without knowing a thing about them, My post was actually about wanting to see the car how it would be in real life, not Photoshopped into 3D.

    All the best!

  • Batty Lacquer

    This is amazing. Grew up listing to the F1 on the tv.

  • Mike

    Looks like Tamiya box art.

  • DrD

    very interesting shots, lets hope Michael will be able to drive again in the future, even though it doesn’t look good at the moment.

  • F1fanforalongtime

    I like the sentiment behind this work-it’s a heartfelt tribute. Sure hope Michael recovers.
    Keep up the good work!

  • MichaelSchumacherfan

    Nice explanation-glad you’re learning your craft.
    Can’t wait to see more of your work. One element seems to be missing.
    All the best!

  • pokeken

    wow what a great reply. I learnt so much from your deep and meaningful comment. You do know that Photography like any art form is an objective subject or do you presume that their is only one kind of good taste (which you clearly believe you hold)?

  • Mrs Gail Jacqueline Gray

    I have been a fan to Michael Schumacher since 1991 to me he is more than a excellent 7 times world champion in formula 1 but a great friend, i respect him immenseley he has done so much for charities and formula 1 he deserves a galliant medal for his hard work and achievements.get well soon my dear Michael, i miss you a great deal.