Stunning Photos of the European Alps that Inspire Awe and Envy


If you live in a place that’s not likely to see snow this winter, or you’re bitter that the white Christmas you’ve been dreaming of decided to remain a dream, these stunning photos of the European Alps by Swedish photographer Jacob Sjöman will either ease the pain, or make you incredibly jealous. Either way, they’re worth a look.

The photographs — which were taken in Val D’Isere, Chamonix and Val Thorens in France, and Hopfgarten in Austria — are breathtaking.

Often featuring a lone skier or a single hut surrounded by the grandeur of the European Alps, the photos inspire a sense of solitude and even exploration. Sure, they’re not photos of actual explorers braving freezing wastelands (you can see some of those here), but the lone skier carving his or her path through the pristine snow, or the lone hiker standing at the edge of a cliff, leaves one either awestruck or drowning in wanderlust… perhaps both.

Here is a selection of those photographs:









(c) Jacob S.





Of course, you don’t have to take the photos symbolically. The beautiful shots of sky-high peaks and lonely mountain cabins are sufficiently enjoyable without ascribing any further meaning.

To see the rest of the photos or if you’d like to browse through more of Sjöman’s work, head over to his Bēhance profile by clicking here.

(via Exposure Guide)

Image credits: Photographs by Jacob Sjöman.

  • Rabi Abonour

    Stunning work

  • Nate Parker

    these are all very nice but that one shot of the house buried in the snow with the warm light pouring out of the window is the shot of the month in my opinion! Sweet!

  • Joshua Tobias George Barrett

    Fantastic shots, absolutely beautiful.