Snapchat Update Includes Ability to Replay Snaps, Add Filters and More


Snapchat, famous for dealing with the problem of rising attention spans by whittling the life of a photo down to 10 seconds, has gotten a little more time-friendly with an update that includes a limited option for re-viewing images later.

Version 6.1, pushed out a few days ago, includes a “replay” option buried within the “additional services” menu. Activate the as-yet undocumented feature and you can replay a photo or video beyond the 10-second expiration date, in case you missed something cool.

You’re limited to one replay per day, however, so “you’ve got to use it where it counts,” Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel told The Verge. Also worth noting, images are still deleted from Snapchat’s server after the first view.


While not exactly archival, the replay feature should give second thoughts to those prone to oversharing; that is, if the numerous Snapchat hacks and workarounds that allow image saves haven’t already done that.

Also new to the “additional services” menu:

  • “Smart Filters,” which overlay selected data (time, weather, speed of travel) on an image.
  • Visual filters that convert to black-and-white, sepia or “antique” look.
  • New fonts for text.
  • And a “front-facing flash” option that briefly turns up the light on the phone’s display screen for a different type of crappily-lit selfie.

(via Engadget and The Verge)

Image credits: “Snapchat” by Taehyun Kim, “#snapchat me, Ryansings” by Ryan Nagelmann

  • Coop

    So the app just lost it’s whole purpose? I still think this is an app for total morons, what’s the use? With apps like this and Kik there is no way of connecting socially to the world unless you know someone’s info. No one needs to send 10 second horribly compressed clips/pics to someone they know. There are a million other programs that can do that fine without the stupid teenage “I’m teasing you and have no idea how technology works”

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