Creative Photos of Figurines Going About Their Miniature Lives in Our Big World


In English, the title of husband and wife photographer team Kurt and Edwige Moses‘ photo series Un Petit Monde translates into “A Small World,” but there’s nothing small about the world the duo have created for the series, only its inhabitants.

The series began all the way back in 2010 “as a way to relax and explore a more creative side of my photography,” explains Kurt. “It has grown into a passion of ours and we now focus 75% of our time creating, processing, planning and building a library of fine art photographs.”

Kurt and Edwige travel all over the United States in their vintage RV (you can read about that here) setting up miniature scenes that depict everything from the daily grind of a 9-5 lifestyle, to adventures like skiing or battling a giant squid, to more relaxing endeavors like gardening — although gardening takes on a whole new meaning when the flowers are bigger than you are.

It’s a playful series that is meant to make you smile and, perhaps, inspire a bit of wanderlust at times:















“Un Petit Monde combines the challenges of capturing an evocative, aesthetically pleasing image while documenting a scene in the real world environment using only available light and existing conditions,” writes Kurt on the project’s About page. “Ultimately, it is our mission to share some of the fun and joy for life with you through our project.”

To see the rest of the series (and there is A LOT more) or learn more about the husband and wife behind it, head over to the Un Petit Monde website or follow their adventures on their Life in a Travco blog.

(via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Kurt Moses and used with permission

  • Andrew Kandel

    Let’s hope the Park Service doesn’t put down Mothra for being too near the photographer.

  • Wonda

    That picture with an astronaut in the desert and film crew made me giggle

  • superduckz

    Love it! Is it high art? Maybe not. But it’s very creative and clever.

  • corbydjk364

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  • Bruce Wenner

    I guess that gimmicky “Miniature Effect Mode” that many cameras now feature isn’t necessary here! Cool photos.

  • Bruce Wenner

    Yes, a little Capricorn one-like!

  • stijn

    Pfff… a superficial Slinkachu ripoff…

  • Jimi

    totally agree with you!

  • Sid Ceaser

    I’m a sucker for this kind of work. Love it. LOVE. I want to buy a print. Gimmeh.

  • superduckz

    Of course it is. So what? Nobody “owns” a style. For gods sake let’s not ever photograph a national park waterfall in B&W ever again because that would be a cheap ripoff of Ansel Adams.

  • w3rdsmyth

    and you think Slinkachu was the first to do this? That is pretty hilarious.

  • Dan Howard

    This is now becoming an overdone project. seems like every month there is someone photographing miniature figures.

  • Guest

    Don’t put words into his mouth. Slinkachu’s works convey pretty easily graspable social message. These are just visually pretty with nothing to say to the viewer. So yes, a superficial copy of this style.

  • TheAnon

    Well then I suppose Slinkachu’s photos are just a ripoff of those who came before, only with a “social message”.

  • christopherboffoli

    Aren’t we all lucky to have you as the arbiter of what is and is not art!