Instagram Launches First Ad, Users Not Happy, Trolls Have a Field Day


Let’s be honest, we all saw this one coming. Ever since Instagram first announced that ads would soon be appearing in US users’ feeds, we’ve known that the official launch would be met with a less than enthusiastic response. Now that the first ad has gone live, it seems we struck this nail on its head.

For what it’s worth, Instagram did give people plenty of heads up while trying its best to emphasize that you can tailor your ad experience. The company even released a short blog post complete with a sample ad so that users might understand what they were in for.

But, undoubtedly, not everybody keeps up with tech news, and those who didn’t see this coming were understandably blindsided and upset. And what better way to air that grievance than in the photo’s comments?

The unhappy recipient of all of this ire is designer Michael Kors. The ad photo is an actual photo from the Michael Kors account, so people who were following the designer would have seen the shot anyway. Those who were not following him, however, were not afraid to voice their displeasure with having the photo forced onto their feeds.

Comments, which can be read by clicking through in the post above, ranged from the simple plea “no ads please” to several users claiming this would be the death of Instagram.

We’re curious how the advertisers themselves will feel about this. This photo has received much more attention due to the fact that it was “sponsored” onto many people’s feeds — 229K likes as compared to his average, which is around 60K — but it has also led to some pretty nasty commentary, something we doubt the designer is used to from fans who followed him voluntarily.

(via Engadget)

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Facebook is the cancer of the internet

  • AL

    Yeah sure. Companies exist to serve you for free.

  • Vlad Dusil

    This shows that the Internet is comprised of mostly freeloading wankers and crybabies. Did anyone really expect to be using Instagram as a free service without being served up advertisements eventually?

    Give me a break. Scrolling over the ad takes a split second, then you can proceed to post sweet pixx of your desserts and #selfies.

  • agour

    the less people pay for something, the more they complain

  • jsbraby

    If you’re not paying for something, you(r information and advertising views) are the commodity being sold.

  • Robert Mark

    Geez. Give these guys a break. Are they expected to provide you a service for free with no possible way of making a profit?

  • Jon Liebold

    No Al. You’re forgetting the cardinal rule of business. If you are being offered something for free, you are not the consumer. You are the product.

  • mellonicoley

    I’ve not seen that any ads yet, and to be honest, who cares?! as someone else said, you can just scroll past them pretty quickly, and Instagram might soon cease to exist without them!

  • Bill Binns

    You must have been born before 1990. People who have grown up with the internet actually do expect services to be provided for free forever.

    The early internet’s business model was largely about turning venture capital dollars into pageviews and then somehow figuring out how to turn those pageviews back into cash at some later date. This has caused many internet users to believe that they are somehow “paying” to use a service just by showing up and using it.

  • Conqie

    Indeed, I am also getting sick of that. People expect the world without paying a penny for it. Especially creative content..

  • Tim Vechik

    Instagram could potentially be well served by offering up a subscription-based model that runs in tandem with the free service; allow users who want ad-free space to pay a small premium, while those who do not wish to pay receive ads to pay for the service they are using instead.

  • dudung10

    that’s funny cz you look like the face of cancer itself.

  • Chris Saucier

    The solution to this is going to be very easy. Instagram will just disable comments on sponsored posts.

  • Jaleel King

    Nice photo, ugly watch. As others have said who cares, you can simply scroll past it. The only thing that would annoy me would be video ads that I can’t scroll past. I don’t have a problem with a quick photo like this if these are the ads I’ll be seeing. This is far better than most ads I’ve seen inserted.

    Realize these companies make mass amounts of money by selling your information that we all give away freely to them, while crying about privacy; and they’re paid well for it. So it’s not really “free”.

  • Sker

    Aren’t you the guy who uses unattributed photos on his Purse blog? Who is the freeloading wanker here?

  • larry91403

    Who cares. It’s only Instagram. Just don’t use it.

  • Becca Gulliver

    Wow, didn’t they hint at adverts being served to users well over a year ago?

    Why all the surprise, shock and horror?

    People have had plenty of time to delete their accounts. I delete mine ages ago, and it’s the best thing I have ever done. My compulsion to take pictures of my food and pull duck faces in the mirror has gone. I’m a much better person for it.

  • Daniel Walldorf

    It’s odd how people think that everything on the internet should be for free. On the other hand, I think many people don’t necessarily want to have it for _free_.
    Maybe they would pay for an ad-free version if there was one.. But then again.. Pay for an app to post photos of your food and selfies? Meh…

  • dyna

    Ironically, it’s a lovely shot. Far more worthy of mass consumption than the vast majority of Instagram, and I’m including my own feed LOL.

  • dyna

    I’d also like to point out that the people screaming about ads on Instagram are invariably the same type of people who go into a local retailer to get their research done and then buy online. Loyalties everywhere are dropping like flies. Thanks entitlement.

  • Pablo

    So the watch being on the table proves that people don’t wear watches? This was an ad for a napkin weight?

  • Brenda Reagan

    what is this instergram thing?