Imaginative Photographs That Mix Ordinary Objects and Simple Sketches


If you want a daily dose of creativity and humor, start following the Instagram account (@cintascotch) of art director Javier Pérez. The Ecuador-based artist regularly posts simple and quirky photographs that consist of only a small object and a simple sketch.

Pérez has a knack for seeing the objects as something different in a tiny imaginary world. A cluster of grapes become helium balloons in the hands of a young boy. A flower becomes part of a record player. The cream and cookie of an Oreo are seen as a spinning globe on a stand.













You can find more of these images on Pérez’s accounts at Instagram and Behance.

(via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by Javier Pérez

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  • Jake

    Sometimes, you can just tell that you would love to be friends with somebody without even meeting them. This guy clearly has a delightful and imaginative mind.

  • tron

    i died at the floppy disk/sd card one

  • tron

    couldn’t agree more

  • matias

    Very nice and fresh idea !

  • Borjabatalla

    Chema Madoz

  • Mark Wheadon

    Nicely done. They make me smile.

  • FerpectShotz

    Ok thats it, mind is officially blown!!

  • J

    That’s just great! Now that’s really thinking outside the box.

  • Al

    Thank you. You made me smile :-)

  • Frank Gainaford

    Thanx for these images that brought a smile to my dial and then a cackle to my ears….

  • Simone de la Espriella

    This is great! It made me smile, too.

  • captain_quirk

    They’re ALL good!

  • Joe joe

    I love this