These Striking Before and After GIFs Show the Impact of Many Years of Aging


Aging isn’t a topic our youth-obsessed culture takes to very well. Using everything from makeup to digital manipulation in Photoshop, many try to hold the signs of aging at bay for as long as possible.

But photographer Jan Langer decided to take aging head on in a video turned GIF series that shows just how much of an impact time has on our appearance. Fair warning, if you’re squeamish about aging, you might want pass on this one.

The project shows people in the prime of their youth contrasted with photographs of the same people decades later. Online news website Aktuálně.cz took the before-and-after photos and created striking comparisons with them:

Some of the transformations are quite shocking, and it almost seems like the before and after show completely different people. Others are obviously the same person, just with a lot more wrinkles and a larger nose and ears (the body parts that never stop growing).

(via Fstoppers)

Image credits: Photographs by Jan Langer

  • Maclovio Hudson

    AMAZING, we all are getting there :)

  • Sam

    The passing of time sucks!

  • Jen Brook

    This is wondeful!

  • Neil E Nunez

    It saddens me and makes me want to cry. Getting old sucks. I hate to see it in my parents and I’m not sure how I’ll take it myself. Other than that; very cool project/pics.

  • Joanna Jackson

    There’s no such thing as age, only alive and dead!

  • Sarah älskar Sverige

    These really prove that the nose and ears never stop growing. It’s kind of strange to know our eyes don’t grow so rapidly like the rest of our body, but after all the growing is done, our nose and ears just keep going.

  • Zaidi

    Getting old is not just the process of cellular aging, it’s your state of mind; your attitude; your sense of well-being; how old you ‘feel'; and the age of your spirit!

  • dannybuoy

    Depressing. Basically

  • Charles Stearns

    This is wonderful.

  • Anj

    Looking at these photos, I have come to the realization that I should remember to smile more often so I won’t look scary when I grow old!!

  • Aleksandar

    That got my attention also.

  • leov74

    LOL, Sadly

  • Matias Gonua

    Crack is whack!

  • kassim

    They have it backward. It should show younger face first, then old.

  • Old fella

    Seriously – depressing, sad? Why? I personally find most older faces much more interesting. Add a smile and they seem much more approachable and engaging. Getting old has its challenges – but getting wrinkles and other interesting physical markings is not one of them in my mind.

  • great-concept-lousy-execution

    Nice work, though I think the GIF animations is exactly backwards. They should be showing the passage of time from young to old, not the reverse. Completely ruins the experience for me.

  • Guest

    I like how the ‘after half a century’ is shown first.. Might have been to depressing to show the young ‘before’ transforming to the old.

    3rd from bottom is the cutest grandma I’ve ever seen :3

  • Choen Lee

    some of them actually look the same, or rather, retain the same gaze, but just more wrinkly.

  • aa

    aging is beatiful!

  • Thomas Casey

    It’s funny that your ears never stop growing but you still go deaf.

  • Ken Elliott

    As a 56 year old, I find the comments below interesting. Getting old is much better than the alternatives. It is part of life and you cannot change it. So you either accept it and move forward, or you sit in a horrible state of mind where the future looks bleak.

    If all you value is youth, then you only have a very short time to be happy. But if you accept all the stages of life that cannot be changed, then you have a much heather attitude and life is much easier and more rewarding. I don’t mind getting old, and when my hair turns while, I’m gonna rock it.

    BTW, after 50 you get to celebrate your birthday for a month. It’s way cool.

  • Linda Aanestad

    Pretty depressing, isnt it….

  • Mary Anne Lawless

    The body may age, but the mind inside remains the same. Remember when you see an elderly face, inside is the heart of a youngster

  • Alice Galeotti

    I am glad this life is but a vapor and my perfect youth will be restored in heaven for eternity. Aging only sucks if you think that is all you have to look forward to.

  • Andy Truth

    If we are lucky enough, yes.

  • Majk

    No it is not depressing. If I will be old I will be drinking beer, wearing old-school clothes and smoking pipe…cool isn’t it?

  • Jon Long

    Why are the ones on this page all going backwards….old face wipes off to reveal the young???? Or is the description incorrect?

  • Janaline D.

    As a certified Gerotologist in Toledo, Ohio I find This EXQUSIT!! Just Amazing! What a time intensive piece of Valuable Work of ART! Thank-you for Sharing with US!

  • noOffense

    no offense to anyone…but id like to see people of color and this aging process. from what i’ve seen so far, people of color age much better. obviously not meant to be a blanket statement.

  • superduckz

    Sadly… very sadly, my Alzheimers stricken mother in law might disagree.

  • Kitty

    I think they look just as beautiful in their old age.

  • JennieR

    Aging is beautiful. We should all be so lucky.

  • Jennifer

    Some of those wonderful grandpa and grandma faces are cuter and sweeter than when then were young!

  • Balint Kelen

    “I hope I die before I get old”

  • Person A

    I like the second to last one best. He’s lived a good and happy life, and his smile has turned genuine with age.

  • aqq

    It look like their eyes (insight into their souls, whatever it means) have changed least.

  • ScarlettFeverr

    Seeing many, many reasons not to smoke.

  • Thomas

    That’s the first life, God made us weak in this life. But there in Paradise he will make us perfect and can’t be old.

  • Angel At Large

    That was wonderful. I found myself watching each face multiple times before I could move off. Transfixed!