These Striking Before and After GIFs Show the Impact of Many Years of Aging


Aging isn’t a topic our youth-obsessed culture takes to very well. Using everything from makeup to digital manipulation in Photoshop, many try to hold the signs of aging at bay for as long as possible.

But photographer Jan Langer decided to take aging head on in a video turned GIF series that shows just how much of an impact time has on our appearance. Fair warning, if you’re squeamish about aging, you might want pass on this one.

The project shows people in the prime of their youth contrasted with photographs of the same people decades later. Online news website Aktuálně.cz took the before-and-after photos and created striking comparisons with them:

Some of the transformations are quite shocking, and it almost seems like the before and after show completely different people. Others are obviously the same person, just with a lot more wrinkles and a larger nose and ears (the body parts that never stop growing).

(via Fstoppers)

Image credits: Photographs by Jan Langer