Satiregram Pokes Fun at Instagram Clichés by Posting Descriptions Instead of Photos


The standard Instagram clichés are so… well… cliché that they’re an accepted part of our lives now. Photos of food and selfies are so much a part of our day-to-day existence that I’m only a little ashamed to say I did the former last night (birthday cake pic…) and the latter is now in the dictionary.

But Instagram clichés go beyond the selfie and the food pic, and that’s why @Satiregram exists: to point out and make fun of all of the photos we see filling up our Instagram feeds every day.

Satiregram was created by the same person behind the Twitter account @SoPretentious and the Facebook page Satirebook. Clearly, there’s a serious love of pointing out the ridiculous here. For Satiregram, that means posting photos that show written descriptions instead of the photo itself.

So instead of your standard food pic, you might get this:


And instead of a late night driving selfie, you might get this:


Every photo describes yet another ridiculous and overused subject for an Instagram photo, some of which we didn’t even realize were so prevalent until we saw the description. Here’s a look at some of what you’ll find on Satiregram:














Browsing through Satiregram is part funny experience and part taking note of all of the Instagram crimes you’ve probably committed over the last week.

To see more, be sure to follow the account by clicking here. And if you want to browse the other sites and accounts @Satiregram has created, head over to the Satiregram blog for links to all his other projects.

(via BuzzFeed)

Image credits: Photographs by Satiregram and used with permission.

  • brian watkins

    “a picture of my cat with her head hanging off the edge of the couch. awww”

  • ohjasonj

    I enjoy the Instagram feeds that use the medium in a new way. The feed of UndesiredNotes is one of them.

  • Wasteoftime

    All photos are cliched now. Billions of photos are taken every day. Every city is becoming homogenised, same chain stores, same fashion, same trends, so unless your photo has a prominent landmark in it (which is also cliched), it could be from anywhere. Taking photos is fun, so people do it, some well, some badly, who cares. The funny thing is that the first people to make fun of the cliches are just as prone to them as the rest of us.

  • yopyop

    “Photos of food and selfies are so much a part of our day-to-day existence”+ “all of the Instagram crimes you’ve probably committed over the last week”

    Reading these two sentences makes me wonder if the instagram community, even though it is huge, isn’t a bit over-estimated. For example, is the Petapixel community this related with instagram ? I don’t spend time on instagram therefore I tend to think I’m not the only one in the photographic community that has no selfies or food photo in his day-to-day existence. Is the instagram weight really this important ? (that’s a genuine question).

  • mrbeard

    i would add, stock photography is just as cliched as instagram, and they actually get paid for doing it

  • Alec

    I do not use instagram at all. This year I photographed my food once (small cafe on Mallorca) and made no selfies.
    Anyone else care to share?

  • Alex Hayes

    A Selfie from an angle as if a Giant was looking down on me