Photographer Embarks on 40,000km Bike Trek Around the World with His Camera


Yesterday, our own Alan Steadman shared some advice. He told you to go out and explore, to travel, to see the world and meet new people so that those experiences could inform the stories you tell when you’re working behind the camera.

Well, if you were looking for a shining example to go with those words, look no further than photographer, writer and cyclist Rob Lutter, then man who is currently 15,000km (about 9,300 miles) into a 40,000km (about 25,000 miles) photographic journey around the world.


Lutter’s story begins with a case of OCD that left him depressed and always needing to move on, up and out. “Each time I settled in one place, the disorder caught up with me, creeping into my mind & bleeding over into the life & career I was trying to create,” writes Lutter. “I would always have to move on. In London I became depressed from it… I needed to escape the city, but I could find no way out.”

The way out presented itself in the form of a chance encounter with the book The Man Who Cycled the World. “In that moment, an idea was born,” says Lutter. “Within a few hours I’d bought a guide to Adventure Cycling from the nearest bookshop & planned a route. It was confirmed, I was going to cycle around the world.”

When it came to documenting this trip, Lutter (who is a photographer and writer when he’s not on his bike) made sure to bring along his trusty Canon 5D. And so, since the moment two years ago when he set out from London, every step of the way has been recorded with stunning pictures he’s uploaded to his website, The LifeCycle.












In two years, Lutter has travelled 15,000km to reach Hong Kong, raising about £3000 for water aid and mental health charities and capturing some fantastic imagery along the way.

Thus far, he’s been entirely self-funded by a combination of savings and the money he made selling just about everything he owned before leaving, but in order to finish this trip, he’ll need some help from the Internet.


He’s taken to Kickstarter to raise the last £5,000 (about $8,000 US) he’ll need to complete the journey, and he’s offering all sorts of perks — from signed postcards, to an original Aussie boomerang, to the actual bike itself after he’s done with it — for those who would like to help him out.

Here’s his Kickstarter vid:

Truth be told, Lutter is more interested in inspiring others by telling as many people as possible about the journey than he is about people funding the second half. “Kickstarter or not, I would love to get this journey out there,” he told us through e-mail. “Get the photos and stories to more screens around the world and maybe inspire a few more people to explore, discover and seek out change in the world beyond our doorstep.”

If you’d like to support his journey, you can do so by heading over to his Kickstarter page here. He’s currently raised all but £800 of the money he needs to finish, with ten days left to complete the goal.

But even if you’re not interested in pledging, be sure to visit The LifeCycle and browse through the entries and photos there. Fair warning though, it might cause you to fall prey to some serious wanderlust.

Image credits: Photographs by Rob Lutter and used with permission.

  • chasethelight

    Obsessive Compulsive goes on 40,000km bike ride. Not a surprise. =)

  • John C.

    Must be nice to be able to quit your job and go cycling around the world. 90% of us don’t have the time or money for such a frivolous selfish exercise.

  • Anonymoused

    What an inspiration!

  • Dave

    I want to go to Disney world next year and take portraits of all of the charters. Could I start a kickstarter to help people fund my vacation .. I mean project … Project that’s what I meant …

  • asdas


  • TheGloriousEnd

    He’s a very talented photographer too!!
    Much better than the usual adventure/travel photos.

  • Joey Duncan

    This is true, I have a friend who is like this and went on a bicycle trip across 49 states, not quit the scale as this guy but still crazy non the less. The funny thing is, he probably pretty much hated doing it a lot of the time, but because he felt he wanted to do it and started it he wouldn’t give up.

  • Joey Duncan

    Wow, seriously, you need to take a vacation. haha You win the worst comment of the day award for that. ” frivolous selfish exercise” jesus……

    It’s like you hate him for doing this. wow….

  • Guest

    You absolutely could and should. sounds like a great idea. There’s an audience out there for everything. Ignore the haters or doubters. Best of luck. Please do it.

  • Rob Lutter

    Your so kind! Glad you enjoy.

  • Guest

    It is really nice.


    I love the photojournalism. I’d love to travel with this guy.

  • edwaste

    I can’t wrap my head around how you even pack for a journey like that. All of the camping gear, spare bike parts, bike tools, clothing, food water, AND camera gear!
    All on a bike…without using a trailer.
    I can’t go on a long weekend photo trip without filling up my SUV with stuff.
    I would love to see what he brought along to survive such an epic trip.

    BTW fantastic photos.

  • Mantis

    Frivolous & Selfish.

    Two words that you apparently don’t understand the meaning of.

  • Mantis

    You should. This site is absolutely full of haters & curmudgeons.

  • Mantis

    Sadly, yes, there a lot of people who will piss on others just because.

    Yesterday a bunch of these killjoys were trashing the girl who wanted to shoot the National Parks with a pinhole camera. Why? No idea. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves.

    I like the content of this site, but man, the comment section is always full of complete f*cktards.

  • Joey Duncan

    Make it into a table coffee book (which is easy to do) and I’m sure you’d get accepted!

  • Peter Eich

    Nice to see how this blogpost helps him…!

  • Peter Eich

    You can buy this at kickstarter. Just pledge the amount and travel with him!

  • Jake

    Yeah, doesn’t it suck that we’re not all communists with each person’s belongings and responsibilities being equal and nobody being free to follow their own personal desires?

  • mthouston

    Simple answer… they lack the ability to do it…

  • smoinpour

    Wow!! This is so amazing and inspiring!! Such beautiful pictures!!

  • james

    Yep, 90% of “us” are closed minded wankers who think life is all about the next paycheck, being good, keeping the head down….now don’t blame it and your family John.

  • james

    Go Rob! Inspirational stuff. I can;t help wondering about punctures, charging the 5d batteries etc etc. Would love to know more…

  • Shawn Hoke

    Can’t even believe the haters on here. This is awesome and the guy takes some great photos.

  • Guest

    Amazing! Anyone know what camera he uses? How come background looks so shallow as F/1.4? And the colours are so Leica like?

  • ki

    Amazing!!! May I ask what camera Rob use? The backgrounds look so shallow as F/1.4? And the colours are so Leica like?

  • MS

    Wow the colors look super leicalicious and omg why depth of 1.4 field soo bombastic? :/

  • lolwut

    “who is a photographer and writer when he’s not on his bike”

    i guess your jelly that not only does he live a more awesome lifestyle than you could even dream about, but when he works he probably produces work with way more substance than anything you do.

    but thats cool man, i still reckon your super dooper awesome. haters rock!

  • Alice

    If any of the haters actually bothered to read the article and Rob’s web page, they would see that Rob is doing this to raise money for UK based Mind, OCD, as well for Water Charity. But you know, carry on being small minded and bitter.

  • Nem01

    Me too, I’d like to know how and when you work on your photos, update your website and so on.

  • syedmoindoja

    HAHA….well said “but thats cool man, i still reckon your super dooper awesome. haters rock!” ..loved that line ,lol.

  • Marcio

    As a bike traveling lover I can say I am already your fan. Keep cycling!

  • Tim Vechik

    I’m glad I could help support such amazing images and drive in a small way; and it looks like a lot of other people were too… he’s met and passed his goal!

  • Rabi Abonour

    As a cyclist, traveler, and photog, this is beyond awesome. Best of luck to Rob. Incredibly inspirational project.

  • Rabi Abonour

    He’s a photographer. Making a photo book. You’re really coming to a photography blog to say that people shouldn’t be able to dedicate their lives to making photos?